Episode 1 Impressions: Snow White with the Red Hair


In the fantasy city called Tanbarun, a beautiful girl name Shirayuki is known for her brilliant red hair and genius in medicinal herbs.  However, when the prince of her city sends an order for her to become his concubine, her life will forever be changed.

Shirayuki spends her early hours foraging for herbs in the forest near the city before heading in to open shop at the chime of the market bells.  Meanwhile, the first prince of the city is searching for the most beautiful girl the city has.  After receiving the results from one of his men, he learns of the girl Shirayuki who has apple red hair that marks her as the most beautiful..

Returning to Shirayuki, who is busy at her shop and assuring the health of her patrons, one of the prince’s guards arrives with the order for her to present herself to the prince by the end of the night.  Upon careful consideration, she decides to leave the city rather than give up the life she has grown to love.  Leaving behind her cut hair for the prince and herbs to care for her patients.

In her travels out of the city, approaching the borders, she finds an unoccupied house.  With no answer and nightfall approaching, she falls asleep and will soon find herself meeting a change of destiny.

With the introduction to the main cast, we see the strong-willed and yet confident and caring Shirayuki.  Putting herself in the front stage to meet the main love interest Zen, who is cool and demanding.  Thankfully he doesn’t take the stage from our heroine, but instead compliments her in a way that is difficult to pull off.  Providing a relief in tension when needed and the little bit of support needed to back her own strength.

If I have any fears it would be in the animation.  One thing I noticed quite quickly was the lighting and absolutely beautiful animation.  It’s quite obvious there is some talent working on this.  I just hope this level of quality can be maintained throughout the entire series.  Having Studio Bones backing the show puts my worries a little to rest, however I’ve been bit before.

In regards to storytelling, the plot is quite refreshing.  There’s no obvious overreaching and it softly placed its hooks in me.  It sold each of the characters, all the while presenting me with a realistic quandary that forced a care for the cast.

Though I love the point made with the cutting of Shirayuki’s hair, I hated that they felt the need to do that.  Her character art was beautiful the way it was and I hear plenty of remarks about how she’s copying Yona from Yona of the Dawn.  Both with red hair, both having to be cut in the face of an admirer

e1snowwhitewiththeredhair13I have no worries that this show will lose my attention due to the characters and how in love with each of them I am.  But I can see possible flaws.  Storywise, where do we go from here?  Most of the story feels told already and the natural direction this will take is that our concubine loving prince won’t let his toy go so easily.  Or our heroine will become lost in the trials of court life while being romanced by the main love interest.  Is it possible we are looking at the next economics show?

Though this show didn’t knock it out of the park, I definitely feel as if it was a solid and comfortable introduction.  With all the shows that I have seen so far this season, this was easily the strongest showing I have seen.  Fears aside, I am definitely watching this series closely.

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Episode 1: Encounter… Changing the Color of Fate


Solid Introduction


  • Good character designs
  • Beautiful visuals and animation
  • Excellent pacing
  • Great character introduction


  • Relying on characters to get watcher to the next episode
  • Concerns about budgeting

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