Cutest Characters: Summer 2015 Edition

Welcome one and all to this season’s list of cutest characters. The only place that doesn’t call your waifu bad names, but rather comes together with the common goal of waifu love! With that said, here is our list of the most huggable, lovable, or waifuable characters for Summer 2015!

As usual, there is one rule to take into consideration before we begin.  Any shows continuing from a previous season will not be on the main list.  Though they may get mentions below.

Akane Sakurada
Castle Town Dandelion

At first meet, Akane seemed like a very lacking character with a joke element surrounding her. She’s shy but yet flies with a skirt on. However, over time her shyness and often tragically forgetful nature grew on me. It’s a silly reason, but I just can’t help but fall for that flustered but yet “I’ll give it my best, wait maybe not” personality.

It’s a character your can get behind, cheer on as she fights for her chance at kingship and rule so that she can finally bring about a peaceful life.  Although we all know deep down she likes the attention!  Or maybe not.


Yuki is a special case, both in situation and in appearance. She lives a life of joy and happiness that many might not be able to comprehend. While at the same time, her spirit and cuteness begs one to want to snatch her up and give her an adoring hug.

Yuki lives in a tragic world, and it’s why she begs the want to protect, help, and cheer her on.  All the while, she tugs our every heart string during the process.  Watch out zombies, this girl is going to give you cavities and a tummy ache from all of that sugar!  Leave her alone!

Chaos Dragon

It didn’t take long for Eiha to capture my heart. Cute, great design, the depth of her eyes, and.. well.. nekomimi.  I make no excuses for my love for certain design choices!  Have we not learned that from heterochromia?  Ahem..

To add to her great design is also a loyal character, even if originally by order.  Shes a bound one who is linked to a beast, never to be severed.  Though I only feel myself being set up for sadness as they live short lives and the premise of the show seems to be in sacrifice.

Rory Mercury
Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There!

Psssh!  Was there ever a doubt for the goth lolita oracle priestess getting on this list?  I will admit that I was a bit worried by the choice of voicing for her by Risa Taneda. Despite my fears, apparently they know what they are doing because she sounds perfect. Strong, mature, wise, with a bit of mischievousness.

Add into that her bloodlust and goth lolita character design and you have easily the most “looking forward to” aspect of GATE. Making her a weekly tune-in want. Ah Rory, don’t ever change.

Snow White With The Red Hair

If there was ever a category for “most waifu material” it would be won hands-down by Shirayuki. She just grabs your heart and drags you around for each and every episode. She has great character design, a beautiful personality, and is very caring of those around her.  Even enemies.

Not only that, but when difficulty strikes her, she’s a fighter. Not that she’s physically strong, but she’s strong in spirit and she’s got the smarts to go with it. She thinks through situations and takes action, which makes her one of the cutest and waifuable characters of this season.

musicsummer2015featNicolas Brown

While “Cutest Characters” lists have always kept to a female-only listing, I can’t help but have a bit of a thing for Nicolas. Even if my preference is for the female gender, it’s not too difficult to say that.. Nicolas is hot.

Add in the fact that Nicolas is a tag and can absolutely destroy a group of opponents. He’s vicious when he wants to be, and looks absolutely menacing when he walks into a situation. I can’t help but wish I was as hot as him.

That wraps up the Summer 2015 edition of cutest characters!  If you have a pick that didn’t make this list, be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know!  Or join in on the discussion on our forums!  Also be sure to drop in each season as we highlight the cutest Japan artistry and design has to offer our love seeking eyes.

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