Castle Town Dandelion Review


Royalty isn’t always glamour and fun, at least for an insanely self-conscious Akane who is wrapped up in her father’s plot to deciding the next king.  Is there any hope for the camera-shy in the ultimate reality TV political race?

Akane Sakurada and her 8 siblings were granted the chance to live their lives as ordinary kids by their father, the current king of the land. However when it came time to elect the next king, he put forth an interesting challenge.

With cameras mounted throughout the city (except for school and home), their daily lives would be broadcast on television for all the citizens to see. This in an effort for the citizens to decide which of the 9 siblings will be voted to be the next king.

If that wasn’t strange enough, the royal family is also known for each having their own unique super powers. Akane’s control of gravity, Shu’s ability to teleport, Haruka’s perception of probability, and so on.

Though Akane has one other special ability.. the ability of extreme camera shyness. castletowndandelion4Seemingly a doom for any chance of becoming a king in such a race. Although her goal is to become king and abolish all cameras from the city. A hefty challenge.

The plotline is a simple but unique focus for a comedy and silliness to ensue for this colorful cast of siblings. While Akane’s struggle with her shyness does seem like it would be a focal point of the story, the series takes turns jumping into each of the sibling’s life.

It’s in this fact that Castle Town Dandelion both serves humor while, surprisingly enough, dishing out some heartfelt stories and drama as each sibling discovers their dreams be it for kingship or other goals.

Even with this surprise, the comedy remains quite a staple in the series but it never castletowndandelion3crosses over to the realm of overly wacky humor. Instead, its comedy stems from situational and quite a bit on self embarrassment as the cast deals with all eyes being on them.

The cast itself is where the show shines the most. Akane is adorable and often is involved in trying not to embarrass herself; Shu deals with love while often lending himself to his big brother status; Teru and Shiori are the youngest and most innocent but yet play off each other’s gentle and energetic personalities; the Misaki and Haruka twins support each other to an equal goal; Hikari becomes an idol; Kanade seems to have the most at state and remains a mystery for most the time; and the oldest daughter Aoi always seems to be topping the poles.

Then there’s the supporting casts of the parents and the sibling’s friends that all seem to have some role in supporting or joining the sibling’s race to the top. Put castletowndandelion2simply, it’s a fun cast and I can’t find faults in it.

The series never really pushes itself too hard, often being just a notch over average in regards to animation and presentation. Though it rarely ever suffers under its ambitions. Though not much really can be expected from a comedy, it still manages to impress from time to time in giving the characters some action filled moments.

Though it does have to be mentioned that despite having this limit, character emotion and expressions still manage to shine when they are necessary. Let’s face it, Akane becoming flustered in embarrassment is a gem that I couldn’t stop loving.

If this review so far is any indication, Castle Town Dandelion is quite a gem and shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for some fun, laughs, and loveable characters. castletowndandelion6While its overall plot remains just a tool to push the characters forward, the amount of development each character has is quite surprising in the midst of a comedy.

It was a show that had me eagerly anticipating the next episode’s release each and every week and I can’t recommend it enough. Besides, did I mention Akane is adorable?

Want to check it out? Funimation has licensed distribution and it is currently streaming on!




  • Great laughs
  • Heartwarming moments
  • Fun and well done cast


  • Cast overwhelming at first

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