Episode 1 Impressions: Heavy Object


War is brutal, war is tragic, and war is always with us. As war continues and mankind advances, new Object appear that decide all conflicts and wars by them and them alone.  What good is anyone but pilots in such a world?

After countless wars and advancements in human technology, wars still continued.  Change only came when a machine 50 meters in length and containing its own nuclear power source appeared.  Equipped with an onion-like armor shell able to withstand the fire of 14 allied nations and nuclear missiles, it changed the face of warfare.  Known as Object, it spawned many others that ended up being the center of all conflicts.  “Clean Wars” fought only by bouts between these unstoppable machines.

The casualty to this is that normal troops and military personnel are left without purpose.  Troops like radar analyst Havia who spends most his time digging snow now.  Though his friend Qwenthur is an engineer seeking to strike it rich working on Objects.

e1heavyobject02Currently stationed in Alaska, Qwenthur works studying an Object there that is piloted by Milinda.  Though this Object is interesting as it’s a first gen multi-role Object.  It operates without restriction in any environment.  Though this also means it’s outdated as most Objects are built to fit their environment for a specific role.

Milinda is often referred to as princess, as most pilots of Objects are known as Elites and essentially determine the fate of the lands they defend.  It’s no secret that if an Object falls in battle, the conflict is decided as no other force can stop them.

But the two aren’t really stranger to each other since they talk during maintenance times and she’s curious of his reasons for even wanting to study an outdated Object.  The two would soon be tied in fate as an Object arrives that puts e1heavyobject08Milinda’s Object in peril and Qwenthur having to discover a way to take on an Object without an Object.

Well, this certainly was a large wall of text in efforts to information dump the mind numb.  While there was plenty of efforts to break the monotone dialog here and there, and some silly injected background into casual talk between friends, it didn’t really help this episode to be anything more than a huge wikipedia page of world setup.  This information should have been sprinkled throughout a couple of episodes.

The saving grace of the episode was probably in the visual design.  While some obvious CG for the Object was used, the rest looked really good and I’m digging Milinda’s character design.  I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t sort of interested in the e1heavyobject11world and where it will go from here.

Yes, it’s technically a reskined mecha show, I’ve always been a fan of the Otaku Spirit coined term of “Unmecha Mecha” where the focus is more on the world and characters than the mecha themselves.  But that remains to be seen in the coming episodes.

Overall, good visuals, interesting world; it just took an entire episode to present that.  Hopefully going forward will be less dialog heavy and more developments rather than backstory.

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Episode 1: The Little Soldiers Who Tie Down Gulliver


Has Promise


  • Interesting world
  • Great Visuals
  • Decent humor


  • Information dump
  • Too much upfront information
  • Odd dialog injected backstory

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