Episode 1 Impressions: K Return of Kings


The K saga continues as the clans move on from their recent losses into the reemerged Green Clan’s newest plots. While Blue and Red still seem at odds with each other, they may have to put their issues aside to face what’s ahead of them.

Note: The following are impressions on a sequel series and thus it WILL contain spoilers involving the conclusions of both K and K: Missing Kings. You have been warned!

Following the fall of the Red and Gold King, unrest continues due to the constant trickery caused by an unknown source.  Random attacks of districts put Scepter 4 on constant alert.

Although, it’s soon discovered by Fushimi that the Green Clan has been running an underground network that is rewarding members with points and power if they take on missions that involve “bullying the Black Dog” and “toying with the Blues.”  The mastermind however seems to be using this entire network to lure out the Silver King.

While Kurou and Neko continue to search for the Silver King, they end up running into a fleeing member of the Green Clan who attempted to take out both the Blue and Red clan.  Luring them together in one place by posting slander across visual networks e1kreturnofkings12that included the death of Mikoto and Tatara.  Although they both worked together to pummel them effortlessly.

In the end, the Silver King leaves his departed friend, the Golden King, and falls once more to the surface of the town that is in chaos.  Though questions arise of the Blue King’s deteriorating Damocolas.

Quite an action packed return of K.  Staying true to form, GoHands holds nothing back with some truly amazing visual design and action packed scenes.  Though I have to admit that the camera swirls, while amazing, touch the border of a bit too much.  I wonder if people with motion sickness issues can even handle it!

A bit of an unfortunate thing is the continued rise of Seri’s fan service.  Although we e1kreturnofkings18seen the fan service get a bit more obvious in K: Missing Kings, it seems they’ve ramped it up even more with camera angles between the legs and butt shots blocking the camera.  I’m all for some fan service, but this is a bit over the top and distracting.

All that visual stuff out of the way, the episode did well in balancing action, plot, and entertainment.  Granted we didn’t get as much subtle humor we’re used to with the previous installments, I believe the action did enough to curve the conversations a bit.  Although Neko attempting to eat the bird was pretty cute.

Seeing Anna in action once again was epic, and I really can’t get enough of her.  On the flip side, I’ve long grown tired of Yata and Fushimi’s rivalry.  Hopefully soon we can put that to rest.

e1kreturnofkings15I’m crossing my fingers that we get some Shiro action next episode and maybe some answers on just who would be next in line as Gold King.  Currently our cast all fall within their respected clans so we really have no wild cards to take up the role.  Oh, and whatever happened to Douhan??

In the end, great return, great spectacle, and I hope this season manages to keep my love for the series going.  Maybe more about the slate this time?

This show is currently streaming on Hulu.com!  If you’re a returning viewer of K and find yourself a bit lost, be sure to check out our Recap Podcast to get refreshed on the series!

Episode 1: Knave


Great Return


  • Stunning visuals
  • More Anna
  • Good setup


  • Yata/Fushimi rivalry is annoying

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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