Episode 1 Impressions: Lance N’ Masques


Who said chivalry is dead? Definitely not for the self-diagnosed White Knight Syndrome Totaro of the Knights of the World. A boy who can’t help but be a knight in shining armor for any lady in need.

For 900 years, the Knights of the World have been a staple in the world as an international organization of knights. Creating over 10 thousand knights that aid those who are suffering. Hanabusa Yotaro is one of those knights, only recently knighted by the World East Asia Regional Chief Cherub Sun Dafei.

Even though Yotaro’s father is a living legend, being the first knight in hundreds of years to be chosen by the holy lance Rhongomyniad, it seems Yotaro seeks to live a normal life beyond being knighted. Finding himself in a simple city, he still can’t seem to shake his knightly tendencies and often overly expresses his chivalrous demeanor.

After saving a girl being pressured by some men to hang out together, he kisses her hand and expresses his desire to protect her for all eternity. Which leads to him being called a pervert. He calls this White Knight Syndrome, a tendency caused by e1lancenmasques02his knighthood training he went through since he was little.

While moping about this self-caused issue, he overhears the screams of a falling girl and rushes to save her while wearing his mask and cape. The girl, Kidoin Makio believes him to be her hero and is quickly star struck by him.

After parting ways with Makio, Yotaro removes his “disguise” and ends up being confronted by Makio who doesn’t seem to realize his identity. Seeing that he’s hungry, Makio brings Yotaro to her home which turns out to be a huge estate.

Turns out Kidoin Makio is the only daughter of the Kidoin family which is an elite family with a long history as the Kidoin Conglomerate. But sadly Makio’s mother is dead and her father never seems to visit. Leaving her alone with only her maids to keep her company. Oddly enough, it seems the maids are ordered to never communicate unnecessarily.  Leaving her to be quite isolated from others.

e1lancenmasques14After a group of suited men attempt to capture Makio, Yotaro springs into action and saves her, only to be met by his party who has been searching for him for some time.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Lance N’ Masques, it’s also not managing to impress either. Setting up what could be a standard harem with a cute element of a knight saving his princess. Put simply, a Rescue Per Week formula. Though it can’t be ignored that the slight quirk of Yotaro’s habit of being overly “knightly” is a bit comical.

Visually the show looks good for an opening act, though it really begs the question of whether or not its following episodes will see the same treatment. A few of the battle segments were well put together, even if most of it was “bad guy is hit, flies into a cloud of smoke.”

It’s just unfortunate that the story setup and characters so far really beg no questions or interest. Yotaro is the fated knight to save a princess. Makio is a cute loli and is under attack by other parties. I guess my only interest really comes in the absolutely odd pairing of his searching harem party from his own estate. A shape-shifting horse, a clingy blonde, and the strict maid that raised him.

In the end, it could be a cute show, but at the same time it doesn’t feel as if it has much fuel to keep the interest burning.  At this point, check it out if you’re looking for a cute harem with a cast of loli looking characters.

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Episode 1: He’s A Real Hero


Decent, Lack Intrigue


  • Good animation
  • Cute moments


  • Lacks any interesting elements
  • Very few laughs
  • Standard harem faire?
  • Rescue per week formula?

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