Episode 1 Impressions: Noragami Aragoto


Our friendly neighborhood cheap-labor Stray God Yato is back again for the next exciting season of Noragami. This time, moving quite a bit of its focus into the punisher of evildoers herself, Lady Bishamon.  Bad blood, silly antics, corruption, and so much more mixed together to drive your hype.

Following the events of Yukine’s ablution and the fight for Hiyori’s memories captive by Rabou and Nora, it seems life returns to normal for the cast. Even if Hiyori still has issues staying attached to her body. Then there’s that whole vengeance thing Bishamon has towards Yato.

As Bishamon awakens from yet another dream of Yato slaughtering people and blight covering her body, her resolve once again goes to locating him to dish out her revenge.  During her usual runs to destroy phantoms, she comes across a spirit being attacked.  After destroy the phantoms and forcefully removing the blight from her body, Bishamon gives the spirit a name as Ryo and brings her into her family of Regalia.

An odd thing to newer of her Regalia though since Ryo was corrupted before being given e1noragamiaragoto06a name and thus she’s a broken Regalia.  However Bishamon’s goal is to save them and their use doesn’t seem to matter.  Even still, the strain of her massive estate of Regalia seems to be taking a toll on her as she regularly has to be seen by her curer.

This very same curer, Kugaha, seems to be plotting something as a mask of him turns up during a run in with a phantom by Yato.  Also, while tending Bishamon, Kugaha informs her of Kazuma’s dealing with Yato’s ablution ceremony.  Something Bishamon finds comical if anything.

Elsewhere, while Yukine is relaxing near a creek, he’s confronted by another Regalia who he befriends.  However, after revealing the fact that he’s Yato’s Regalia, the boy informs him that he’s Bishamon’s.  All while Kugaha is watching from a distance.

e1noragamiaragoto14Noragami was always a stylish and good-looking series and it seems like (for episode one anyhow) they have definitely stepped things up. The battle with Bishamon against the phantom birds was excellently put together with some creative and energetic shots. As always, character artwork still holds strong as well with visually pleasing characters and a varied cast. Especially Bishamon’s huge array of Regalia. I can also appreciate the subtle use of fanservice this show seems to stick to.

As for the episode itself, for the most part it felt like a return of sorts. A firing up of the engine and a reintroduction to each of the characters. So there’s really nothing to write home about. If anything, an after story to the first series or a bridge between.

That said, the segments with Bishamon were probably the meatiest as we see Bishamon’s more vulnerable side. Her willingness to bring in so many spirits to e1noragamiaragoto15protect them and the possible repercussions for that as she’s stung by such a large group of Regalia. I’m sure that has quite a bit to do with Yato’s actions in her flash back. Mercy killing? I’m intrigued and I can’t wait to see it brought out.

Lastly, it has to be noted that Noragami Aragoto already knocked it out of the park with its great OP. Already taking the number one spot for the time being for OP/EDs of the season. “Kyouran Hey Kids!!” by THE ORAL CIGARETTES.

Good start, not really knocking it out of the park besides Bishamon’s scenes and the intro but I can’t help but be excited for what’s ahead. More Noragami!

This show is currently streaming on Funimation.com!  If you’re a returning viewer of Noragami and find yourself a bit lost, be sure to check out our Recap Podcast to get refreshed on the series!

Episode 1: Bearing a Posthumous Name


Good Bridge


  • Great action scenes
  • Visual style and music
  • Bishamon development


  • Not ramping up quite yet

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