Cutest Characters: Fall 2015 Edition

Looking for a high dosage of cute to get you through your day? Well, the Fall Anime Season has brought us a bundle of new cute characters to fill in that dark and empty gap in our life. In this Fall 2015 Edition of the Cutest Characters, we once again pick the most adorable, huggable, lovable, and waifu material characters seen in the season. Let’s get started!

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen

While I’ll probably find myself falling in love with pretty much the entire cast of Itsuwari no Kamen over its 2-cour showing, from early glances, Kuon already has my heart. That’s thanks to both the great character design work for the show and her great personality.

That’s because Kuon is probably the most reverse of her role that I’ve seen in some time. A peeping scene in an anime would make you think “oh, guys trying to peep in on girls at an onsen.” Actually, Kuon was in this case. She’s got a mischievous side and she’s bold. Not in a slutty way, but a curious way. She’s also got a big heart, she’s incredibly brave, and she cares for other’s well-being.

Milinda “Hime” Brantini
Heavy Object

Hime managed to capture my attention really early on due to her cute character design. Though my early fears were in what they were planning on doing with her throughout the show. Thankfully, they detoured from a typical emotionless doll route and gave her a personality. One that can be built on.

Of course, we can’t forget that she also pilots a gigantic ball of cannons and destruction? Able to change the shape of the world and territories by her actions alone, Hime’s role is almost fitting to her nickname. As the story progresses, and we see her more cute side as her relationship builds, I can’t wait to see her more in action. Perhaps she will eventually get an Object worthy of her!

Hiyori Iki
Noragami Aragoto

Since Hiyori hit the scene in the first season of Noragami, I was in love.  She was a beacon of hope for a lost god and his angsty partner.  Not only that but Hiyori has both a simple, yet beautiful character design that I absolutely love.  Personality wise, Hiyori never seems afraid of putting her own life at risk for those she loves. She dives in, almost instinctively, and puts no thought to her own well-being.  Call it maternal instincts, call it bravery, but Hiyori has heart most of all.

Moving on into the second season, Hiyori is playing a very crucial role as it seems Yato is showing his desire to be with Hiyori even more than before.  It’s a very odd love story, but who can really blame Yato?

Moe Nishinosono
The Perfect Insider

We definitely get a surplus of ditsy girls in anime, and sometimes the overly brainy professors, but rarely a genuine feeling smart girl.  Moe just seems different, believable, and yes, attractive. But I guess it’s that believableness that makes her so appealing.

This is due mostly in that she’s not an information log, but rather genuine and not afraid of showing emotion.  She’s jealous and often fires her frustration in cute retorts.  With riches also being behind her, I often wonder just what flaws she might have.  Of course, there’s no denying that the show she’s in will lend itself to uncovering those flaws.

K: Return of Kings

Over a season and movie, Anna has grown quite a bit.  No, she’s still the cute little loli we all love and adore, but she’s also faced hardships that has made her grow from the silent and shy to the strong and brave.  Easily the best loli of the season, even if an argument can definitely be made for some certain Rabbit Cafe girls!

I could expand on this a bit more, but I’d not want to rob those who have not dived into the world of K yet.  Just know that she’s got a hidden side that definitely means business.  When it is put forth, it’s quite a spectacle.  A beautiful and awesome spectacle.

That wraps up the Fall 2015 edition of cutest characters!  If you have a pick that didn’t make this list, be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know!  Or join in on the discussion on our forums!  Also be sure to drop in each season as we highlight the cutest Japan artistry and design has to offer our love seeking eyes.

Still want more cuteness? Here’s some equally as cute characters that I probably didn’t have enough to write about!

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