Top 5 Mothers in Anime – 2016 Edition

It’s a long running joke in anime that parents don’t seem to exist.  So it’s important that when we see great parents, we acknowledge them.  To celebrate Mother’s Day, here are the top 5 best mothers.  Be it by blood, by sweat, by love, or by sacrifice.  One cannot overcome the strength of a mom.

Warning: While we try to avoid and remain vague, the following descriptions may contain spoilers to their respective shows and movies. If you have not watched the following shows, please make note of their warning level to decide for yourself if you wish to read their descriptions.

Haruko Kamio
Air TV
Spoiler Level: Low

While a little off-putting at first, Haruko could raise quite a few brows at the concept of her being in this list.  However, judging a book by its cover would deny us of a great mother figure in anime that anyone who has watched the series can tell has a heart of gold.

While not mother by birth, Haruko had Misuzu dropped into her responsibility after her mother died and her father left.  While she attempted to keep her distance in fear of the day she’d lose custody of Misuzu, Haruko’s motherly instincts could not be kept at bay for the entirety of the show.  Leaving us with one of the most emotionally impactful scenes in anime history.

Wolf Children
Spoiler Level: Low

The story of Wolf Children told of Hana and her unfailing love for her family. From the beginning, we see a mother who has given birth to two very unique children who obviously have many complications involved in caring for them. Despite this, Hana goes through large amounts of trials in order to feed, care, and protect them.

This carries on as she decides to leave her hometown to raise her children in a secluded farmland. Putting her body and mind through great stress in order to feed her children off the land. All the while she shows great care and tender love to her children as they face the difficulties of being different from people around them.

Sumako Aotsuki
Ushio and Tora
Spoiler Level: Low

While from the beginning it’s not quite certain where Sumako is, and for a while she was deemed something of a criminal.  But all of that doesn’t matter to a son that has never experienced the love of his mother, and through Ushio’s journey you learn the truth behind everything.

In a world where demons and spirits run rampant and where all entities fear one single power, a mother’s strength may be the last thing on our mind.  However Sumako defies everything in her story.

clannadnagisaNagisa Furukawa
Spoiler Level: Medium

While we seen little of Nagisa as a mother, there’s no denying that she goes down as one of the most self-sacrificing mothers around. We essentially grew up with Nagisa. Learning her strengths and weaknesses. Despite her obvious weaknesses, we followed her as she fell in love with Tomoya and soon became a mother.

Love, devotion, and strength that many can never claim they have.  Upon facing all odds in motherhood, Nagisa showed us something that makes her one of the greatest mothers in anime.

Sachiko Fujinuma
Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi – ERASED
Spoiler Level: Low

A late arrival to the Top Mothers List is Sachiko, the mother of ERASED’s protagonist Satoru.  While most of the show’s focus was on Satoru’s fight for saving lives, Sachiko was the glue that kept things together.  She ultimately gave Satoru his drive, kept him sane, and ultimately guided him in ways.

Not only that, but Sachiko is one of those moms that is anyone’s mom.  When Satoru brought Kayo Hinazuki into his home, Sachiko gave her the warm motherly embrace she had never experienced before.  Then there’s the final climax of the show which, while we wont spoil it, solidified Sachiko as one of the most amazing mothers in anime history.  No super powers needed.

Some Runner-Ups: Akiko from Kanon, Moro from Princess Mononoke, Mahiru Sakai from Tari Tari, Kaede Kagayama from Non Non Biyori, Dorothy from Yatterman Night, Achika Masaki from Tenshi Muyo In Love, and Yui Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

There you have it!  The 2016 Edition of Top 5 Mothers in Anime.  If you know any anime moms that stand out from the crowd, be sure to leave us a comment below.  Until next time, give your mothers a Happy Mother’s Day and be sure to pass her a copy of Wolf Children as a gift.  Thanks for reading!

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