Animecast: Winter 2017 Anime Spoilercast


Winter 2017 anime season is coming to a close, so there’s quite a bit to discuss when it comes to spoilers for each show. In this Animecast, the hosts sit down for a casual discussion of the entire season, holding nothing spoiler back!

winter2017spoilercastfeatWarning: This podcast episode is fair game for all spoilers. If you have not watched a series listed in the time stamps below, please avoid listening during those time frames.

1:29 – 2:54 Pre Show
2:54 – 8:48 ACCA 13
8:48 – 10:32 Akiba’s Trip
10:32 – 11:49 BanG Dream
11:49 – 13:34 Interview With Monster Girls
13:34 – 21:10 Fuuka
21:10 – 22:14 Gabriel Dropout
22:14 – 27:25 Hand Shakers
27:26 – 33:05 Kemono Friends
33:05 – 36:42 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
36:42 – 41:40 Konosuba 2
41:42 – 58:30 Scum’s Wish
58:30 – 1:07:23 Masamune-kun’s Revenge
1:07:23 – 1:08:53 Onihei
1:08:55 – 1:11:55 Rewrite 2
1:11:55 – 1:12:03 Seiren Deer Babies Spoiler!
1:12:03 – 1:15:14 Showa Genroku Rokugo Shinju 2
1:15:14 – 1:18:51 Tales of Zestiria the X 2
1:18:51 – 1:20:54 Urara Meirochou
1:20:54 – 1:24:20 Saga of Tanya the Evil
1:24:21 – 1:25:20 One Room
1:25:20 – 1:39:08 Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 2
1:39:19 – 1:45:02 March Comes In Like A Lion
1:45:02 – 1:49:03 Trickster
1:49:03 – 1:50:50 Post Show

The opening song for this episode is the OP2 for Iron-Blooded Orphans 2 called “Fighter” by KANA-BOON. The closing song for this episode is the ED2 for March Comes In Like A Lion called “orion” by Kenshi Yonezu.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Co-Founder of and Co-Host of the OtakuSpirit Animecast. A huge fan of anime since the early 1990s, consuming over 1300 shows. Outside of Otaku Spirit, he has been a judge for the Anime Awards and aided in reviewing titles for some publishers. While he's late to the collecting scene, he's found a lot of joy in filling his DVD/Blu-ray collection as well as collecting figures. Sharing this joy, he posts unboxing and feature videos on anime goods to YouTube.