Animecast: Atelier Thighs

The hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast put a hold on current shows and dive into the growing news of anime today. Listen in and get their take on the happenings.

Topics this episode: Miru Tights, Uzumaki, Hatsune Miku, Type Moon Game Studio, Visual Novels, Kabaneri Movie, Millennium Actress Blu-Ray, Mari Okada’s new movie, and much more!

Special thanks to Plyr1471, fragoff, and JackTWD4th for the great questions featured in this cast.

The opening music for this episode is called “Melty World” by Kizuna Ai and Teddy Loid. The closing music is called “Mirai” by Kizuna Ai. Both of these songs can be downloaded from iTunes!

We hope you all enjoy!

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Runtime: 1:43:50

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Co-Founder of and Co-Host of the OtakuSpirit Animecast. A huge fan of anime since the early 1990s, consuming over 1300 shows. Outside of Otaku Spirit, he has been a judge for the Anime Awards and aided in reviewing titles for some publishers. While he's late to the collecting scene, he's found a lot of joy in filling his DVD/Blu-ray collection as well as collecting figures. Sharing this joy, he posts unboxing and feature videos on anime goods to YouTube.