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Postby QueenInoue » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:59 pm

HI guys! I just started listening to the podcast! Loving the show so far!
Queen Inoue Shiromaka

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Re: Heylo

Postby Chris » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:11 pm

Welcome. Thank you for listening. Have fun. I hope you find friends here and have lots of great conversations.


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Re: Heylo

Postby BlueSpark » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:31 am

I welcome you in the midst of our community, Your Highness! ... or something. I have no experience conversing with royalty, to be honest. Either way, in the face of anime, we are all equal ;).

So, you've just found out about the podcast. Does that mean you jumped right into the current episodes? Or are you listening to the older stuff as well? Ever since I joined in March, I've been on a quest to catch up starting from episode 1 while simultaneously consuming Andrew and Chris's new releases. I'm sitting at episode 216 right now with 267 as my finish line.

Like every new member of our forum community, I'm going to pitch you a random question to answer at your discretion:

What are your thoughts on male anime characters whose behavior and/or appearance is more cute/feminine than the norm? Any examples for such characters you liked or disliked?
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