E3 2019 Dicussion

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Re: E3 2019 Dicussion

Postby JaredScott5 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:45 am

Eira wrote:
Square: A mixed bag.
FFVIII Remaster is the only thing I got hyped for..
... it was just too much that we already knew

I agree with these statements. Though I was happy to see more info on FFXIV and the Saga ports. I don't play Saga, but it makes me happy to see unreleased titles make their way here. For FFXIV, I don't play often, but the lore and music have always captivated me. ::happy::
Speaking of music, I'm glad they had a small trailer about the FF music making it to streaming services. Too bad it currently doesn't cover non-FF titles or the special arrangments. What they currently have (though a lot) is only about 1/3 of what Square offers on their online stores.

FF8 looks so good compared to the current Steam port that I may double down on it. Also FFXII on Switch was a nice surprise.

Overall, compare to last years E3 with Square this was much better, but, yes, a mixed bag.

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Re: E3 2019 Dicussion

Postby Chris » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:50 pm

yep nintendo and square dominated. plenty of hype from square. and nintendo just iced the cake for me. plenty to talk about but not sure if me and andy will use a podcast for it so ill hold out.

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Re: E3 2019 Dicussion

Postby Eira » Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:19 am

Nintendo happaned and this post is super late but I slept afterwards and then have to go to uni and so I didn't have free time till now.

Nintendo baby!: Warning: Bias incoming, lol.

Dragon Quest: HERO in smash, and I like that they went with just calling him hero because he has the skin of multiple heroes, a very good representation of the entire series. Was super hoping he'd get into smash and now here he is, can't wait to get him.

I'm also just so hyped for the DQXI in general, I know it's been out for ages but I held out on purpose to wait for the switch version and it's been so hard to wait, can't wait for September to finally get my hands on it!

Luigi's Mansion 3: Luigi's Mansion is looking really good, the new things they showed off got me really excited for it, looks like it'll be really fun. Also the graphics look a lot better then even the last time it was shown so that's a good sign, I hope it doesn't use the mission structure of 2 and is more like 1. That's really gonna make or break it for me.

Trails of Mana & Collection of Mana: Really excited for this, Collection of Mana is a really good idea and it's out right away so I might go grab it, not sure yet. Really hyped about the Trials remake tho, looks really nice I hope it's good and not Shinji like the Secret remake was.

No More Heroes III: I was expecting to see a suda 51 game but I wasn't expecting it to be NMH 3, that's a real big surprise and so I'm hyped to at the least learn more about it.

Cadence of Hyrule: I just wanna say this game looks cool as Desu~ and it's super close to coming out. I'm skipping over some stuff that I liked too, Like panzer dragoon and witcher 3. Simply comes down to if I have much to say about them.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: YES BABY! YES! IT LOOKS SO GOOD! The graphics are beautiful, I love the idea of it being an island that you build up from nothing. They went from you being mayor of a town that already exists, to basically making the whole town, this is super dope and looks insanely fun. You can put furniture anywhere and make paths super easily and aaaaaaaaaa! IT JUST LOOKS SO GOOD!

I'm super sad it got delayed till 2020 but as Miyamoto said "A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is forever bad" so if they need to delay it to make it perfect, then I'm at least glad that it means it will be good. And since we got a specific day, being March 20th rather then just the month, that means they must be pretty sure of it. So it probs won't be delayed again. Regardless, so far I love everything about it and can't wait to get it.

BotW 2: HYPE! Re-using the assets of BotW to make a new game that's much more horror focused and dark and spooky. They're pulling a majors mask straight up. It looks super good so far and if it's also gonna be more horror and story focused then that's super good, I can't wait to know more about this.

Banjo: I'll just mention that I'm way more hyped from dragon quest in smash then Banjo. Dragon quest are better games and mean more to me anyway, but I do like that this way services both western and Japanese fans. Obviously Japanese fans and the cult western DQ fanbase will love the hero in smash but most of the west is gonna be more hype for banjo, and so showing both off at the same time means no ones sad.

There was also a lot of other small stuff in there that was really good and that I'm hyped for but this is the stuff I had the most to actually write about.
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