The Awesomest Birthday Card in History

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The Awesomest Birthday Card in History

Postby BlueSpark » Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:05 am

While I don't have an artistic bone in me, my younger brother - even though he now holds a Master's degree in chemincal engineering - has always had a bit of a knack for it. I recently told him about Your Name and how he absolutely had to watch it. Well, he did, and then I got this card for my birthday on the 24th:


You can probably see where he was going with this... But I just couldn't get myself to cut the ribbon to open the card ::terrible::. So I had to resort to just a wee bit of cheating to catch a glimpse of the inside:


By the way, "Helge" is my actual first name. And the signatures on the other side are those of my friends who had come over to my birthday brunch :).

Isn't this simply adorable? Even though I've never been interested in figurines and other memorabilia occupying space in my apartment, I'll have to find a special place to put this :>.
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Re: The Awesomest Birthday Card in History

Postby Ramza » Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:48 pm

Woah! That is so gao adorable. I didn't notice the ribbon at first but once i did the card became even more amazing! I am officially jealous.

You're very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends!