Should recap episodes die?

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Re: Should recap episodes die?

Postby MyBalls » Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:10 am

Mys145 wrote:I wouldn't mind if the ".5" recap episodes go away but I don't mind if they do recaps in a fun way. For example, in Speed Grapher, they actually give the actual cost to various things that happen during the show or with Gatchaman Crowds half-episode recap that they had the characters explained how they change due to meeting Hajime.

Filler is just a necessary evil. There are many cases where filler have drag on too long but I think there are some filler that can be fun like with Dragonball Z with Goku and Piccolo driving cars or the crazy baseball game in Dragonball Super.

yes, I know... it don´t need to be boring.

For example the Youjo Senki recap episode would have been so much better, if they hade made it like propaganda news... maybe even some interviews with the main characters.

This should not cost any more than making a recap episode.
- same video-material (just rearrange, maybe a shader here and there)
- some lines with the voice-actors