What manga are you reading?

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Re: What manga are you reading?

Postby Crash Kamio » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:28 am

Andrew wrote:
Crash Kamio wrote:Finished Inside Mari last week sometime and I gotta say I'm pretty underwhelmed. When it was good, it was fantastic but between some really slow points and a lackluster ending it really dampered my enjoyment of it.

Inside Mari, full spoilers
I liked the aspect of Komori being inside of Mari and that they body swapped, was all in her head. I think her name changing from Fumiko to Mari when she was younger messed her up. She was unhappy with her life and she started following Komori, she was envious of him which I thought was interesting. She seemed to have the perfect life but didn't, her home life could be rough with her mother it seemed, her friends were fake and she had pressure to do well. This was all interesting and really drove me through this, but ultimately the ending was rushed, had little impact and was a bit bland. I'm happy she got over her illness and it was a happy yet slightly bittersweet ending with Yori going to collage. But dang it was rushed, it seemed in the span of two chapters literally everything got resolved. Which was good but if it had a little more time it could have been better.

You're not alone. Both Chris and I came away from Inside Mari with misgivings. Mine along similar lines as yours. Though for me, leading up to the big reveal that you outline, it felt like it was just dragging out a bit too much. Everything up until then was his usual fantastic portrayal of the dirtiness of mankind, and the reveal was great, but everything past that was muddled until an unspectacular ending. I got a lot out of the manga, just wanted it to knock the ending out of the park.

Yeah it was pretty drug out at certain points, I felt that too. If the whole thing was condensed just a little bit and had the ending come sooner rather than later I'm sure it would have been better. But you nailed it, it was great, loved how vile it could be, but it just got muddled. Which is unfortunate cause it could have been something truly special. But what we got overall was just solid.

I did hear it got a TV drama, I'm not sure if it came out yet, but I'd be curious if it did anything better.

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Re: What manga are you reading?

Postby Companion Kyuubey » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:03 am

I read volumes 5 & 6 of School-Live! over the course of the last two nights...and it is so freakin' good. The remixed anime was thoughtfully done and arranged to fit 12 episodes (I wish more anime did this, honestly), but the manga is pretty incredible.

Vague spoilers below for volumes 5 & 6 (safe for people who watched the anime):
Volume 5 covers their leaving of the school and volume 6 gets into the start of their travels outside of the school. The character changes are getting more and more pronounced and it really feels even more so that the world is a grim place. When certain characters are having breakdowns and potential consequences of the medicine pop up, I can't help but yearn to read more!

I'm really happy that I got a notification from RightStuf that volume 7 was shipped yesterday, so hopefully I won't have to wait too long to find out what happens next!
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Re: What manga are you reading?

Postby thegenkiguy » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:02 pm

Been going through a few of Asano Inio's early stuff. A lot of his manga is super short, so I've knocked out a couple. Last week, I read What a Wonderful World!, Before Dawn and the End of The World, and Rainbow Field Holograph. Next up is Solanin and I can't wait, since that's one of his more popular works. (I also can't wait to read Goodnight Punpun after that)

I'm also still reading Naruto. Trying to tackle a chapter a day and i've been pretty consistent, so i'm on 671/700. Almost done! (Thank God...)

Also reading Bakuman (ch 25/176), Bleach (20/705), Death Note (25/108) and Hikaru no Go (28/198).