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Re: Name A Character Similar to Mine

Postby Eira » Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:51 am

BlueSpark wrote:Zack Walker from Astra Lost in Space

totally unrelated but my god, it's a rare 'Zack spelt with a 'ck' at the end'. The only reason I care is cause I have a brother who's name is spelt 'Zack' but it's obviously way rarer than seeing 'Zac' or 'Zach' it's also not short for 'Zackery', it's just 'Zack'.

In fact my whole generation in my family has a problem with people thinking out names for short for something else. But that's beside the point, the other thing is that one time in grade 4 (So I was 9 or 10) doing some dumb school work and had to use my family members names for something. My teacher told me I spelt 'Zack' wrong and she changed it to 'Zac' and I told her she was wrong cause that's how he spells it and then she had the audacity to tell me that that means he also spells it wrong.

Sorry for the tangent but I hate that teacher and I wanted to just vent about how dumb she was. Also for anyone curious about the whole 'everyone in my generation in my family has a mistakenly shortened name' Jay, Josh, Gabi, Steph, Ali, Matt, Zack.

Sorry for the huge tangent now, I always end up doing this when I write.
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