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Forum Rules (Please Read)

Postby Andrew » Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:29 pm

Here at Otaku Spirit we like to keep a positive and safe environment for all of our guest. Please be sure to follow these rules in order to avoid deletion, suspension, or possible banning.

Forum admins hold every right to take action for anything not listed on this page. Each issue is addressed on a case by case basis.

    Be respectful of other's opinions. Disagreements are fine, but keep it civil.
    No insults or aggressive comments are allowed.
    Do not post imagery or videos that may contain sexual content or nudity.
    Do not excessively re-post on the same thread with multiple postings in a row. Try to edit your previous posts instead.
    Do not post links to torrent or pirating sites.
    Keep signature size to a minimum, no more than 200px height and no wider than 500px.

Anti-Spam Measures:
We take pride in the effort we have made to create, build, and share this site to many viewers. As such, we do not support the idea of others taking advantage of that and ultimately ruining the experience of our viewers and community. We do not allow self advertising or registering just for the sake of promoting one's own site. Any signs of registering only for that sake will be deleted and banning may be in order.

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