I should be sleeping, so ask me anything.

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Re: I should be sleeping, so ask me anything.

Postby BlueSpark » Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:04 am

Fullmetal-Senpai wrote:I'm not afraid to go into any topic. I think walking on eggshells has a veneer of cowardice to be quite honest.
Well, all I can say to that is "good for you." Not all people are wired that way. Criticizing me as a more 'delicate' person, if you will, is kind of on the level of saying being extroverted is better than being introverted. I don't think either is better or worse than the other, but I know there are tons of people out there who disagree with me.

Also, the majority of the inhabitants of a certain Pacific island would probably beg differ regarding the importance of face-saving. Again, values differ from culture to culture and from person to person.

And just to flip it around some more, the "veneer of cowardice" when turning away from a confrontation stands in opposition to a certain expression involving the "bigger man." There's different angles to look at it. (I'll admit this particular example applies only under extreme circumstances, but I hope it illustrates my point nonethteless)

Fullmetal-Senpai wrote:It's hilarious that you'd say offering a contrary point is stifling conversation when that's how you start a real one. Back to the original topic, it seems people are looking for validation at best.
Overgeneralizing my points doesn't help. I never said "discussing contrary viewpoints stifles conversation." I merely stated that discussions frequently lend themselves to assuming a tone which makes the exchange uncomfortable (at least for one of the involved parties). And that certainly does not help encourage them to reply.

Chris wrote:i understand the idea of "it is not my fault if your offended". yet i agree with bluespark that that is what will cause stifling on the opposite side of the discussion.
It's a tricky dilemma, isn't it? Ultimately, it's not the fact that a debate takes place but how the participants approach it. You can criticize in a way that helps further the discourse or in a way that creates an oppressive atmosphere. How it's ultimately perceived also depends on the personality of those involved. And I don't think excluding some people just because they're 'too easily offended' is a fair call to make when you're trying to cultivate a community that thrives on diversity.

To quickly pick up a point I made on a different thread before: For me, positivity breeds enjoyment while negativity hampers it. Of course, I respect the opinion of those who didn't enjoy a show which I'm fond of. But I'd rather not dwell on it, because that's just going to drag my mood down. And that, to me, is oftentimes simply not worth gaining the 'insight' of how the other party ticks (especially since it's highly unlikely to change my appreciation for the anime in question).

fragoff wrote:It is about being able to talk with people that do not like the same things you do without insults, fits of rages or other fruitless reactions.
One problem with this is that conversations on forums (or any purely written conversations) can make it very hard to gauge the level of aggressiveness in any utterance, what with the complete lack of intonation and non-verbal cues. I get that you don't want people to feel they have to 'hold back' with contrary opinions, but somtimes it takes a lot of effort (from both parties) just to land on the same page.
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Re: I should be sleeping, so ask me anything.

Postby Fullmetal-Senpai » Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:09 am

Alright sport, enjoy.