374) Cute Anime Girls Sells VR

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374) Cute Anime Girls Sells VR

Postby Andrew » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:18 am

Hoping back into the weeks’ biggest news, the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast give their take on the more interesting tidbits. Afterwards, they hit on some more sensitive subjects requested by the community.

Topics this episode: Mirai of the Future, Sword Art Online Alicization Arc, Aniplex investing in Madman, Re:Zero Home Video, Etotama 2, Danmachi 2, Goblin Slayer Anime, After The Rain Manga, Aniplex Releases, Yuki Kajiura leaves Agency, Chihayafuru 3, CoMix Waves and Haoliners, Promised Flowers Trailer, and much more!

Thanks to fragoff and Mys145 for the great questions featured on this episode.

The intro music for this episode is the OP for Etotama called “Retry Rendezvous” by Rie Murakawa. The outro for this episode is the ED for The Heroic Legend of Arslan called “Blaze” by kalafina.
http://otakuspirit.com/2018/03/animecas ... -sells-vr/
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Re: 374) Cute Anime Girls Sells VR

Postby Stash Brannigan » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:59 am

Yes Chris, Netflix definitely has Netflix original K dramas and J dramas. From the ones I’ve watched I think they are Doing a good job with those as well.

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Re: 374) Cute Anime Girls Sells VR

Postby BlueSpark » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:36 am

Another Mamoru Hosoda movie? Count me in - his works are always a treat. As usual, I'll go in as blindly as possible - so please don't reveal too much in future news :P (joking, I know you guys are careful about any kinds of spoilers).

Oreimo and Eromanga Sensei releases without English dubs break my heart ;(. Well, not exactly; there are numerous other shows I'm more interested in that I wish would get localized. Still a big shame. I guess these types of series don't draw a large enough audience to merit the extra effort.

Sword Art Online and Girls in a Dungeon contituations are pretty sure to receive dubs eventually, though. I won't say no to those, but they're pretty low on my priority list.

Another Chihayafuru season announced for next year throws a bit of a wrench in my plans. I'd figured I would watch the first two sometime in the near future; I remember Chiaki from the AAA podcast raving about it. While I frankly don't put much stake in the AAA hosts' opinions, the premise of the show did get me curious. Now, though, I'll have to contemplate waiting for another 1,5 to 2 years to watch all of it in one go.

Finally, oversexualization and rape rear their ugly heads again. Only in your discussion, of course ;). It's a never-ending debate; some people are more 'sensitive' / likely to spot insinuations in certain scenes than other viewers are (e.g. your Erased example). I can usually only shake my head at those responses, but every now and again I try to remind myself not to dismiss their viewpoint haphazardly. If you think something is distasteful, then there's no room for purposeful debate, because taste is something very personal and can't reasonably be argued about.

As for sexual abuse, I believe it's one of many potentially powerful storytelling devices. However, it seems to carry a stigma in anime, which (unfortunately?) has pretty strong ties with displays of gratuitous eroticism (and is, sadly, often associated with the hentai genre). I think we've all accepted by now that those who don't watch anime often tend to judge without a second thought, but when even anime fans start criticizing such scenes as sexualizing... I don't know. To me, it's an idea/perspective that's simply too far out there to grasp.

Edit: Oh, and of course I'm hyped about the Re:Zero announcement :)! I just recently read that some company or other had already confirmed that a dub was coming. I'm positively tingling with anticipation. Can you feel it? Probably not. Hopefully not. Because that'd be weird.
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Re: 374) Cute Anime Girls Sells VR

Postby Midnight Crooh » Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:41 am

Nice episode! You managed to cover a great many topics in the span of one episode. My two cents on the sexualized content in anime is pretty similar to yours. It's a fictional work, so anything goes in my opinion. If a writer wants to add certain sexual elements to their story then I don't see why they shouldn't. They might not be to anyone's tastes, or just not well implemented, but that doesn't mean such content generally should be avoided. Their story, their decision.
Even if someone wants to bring up issues with some particular piece of sexual content the focus should be on the quality and implementation of the content itself, not the character of the creator or the people who like the content in question.