388) Moshi Moshi, Rotary Phone Desu

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388) Moshi Moshi, Rotary Phone Desu

Postby Andrew » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:17 am

While another short list for news topics this week, they are some meaty ones. Join the hosts of the Animecast as they dive into the topics and give their take on the big happenings of the anime world.

Topics this episode: Harukana Receive, Free Dive to the Future, Mari Okada, Kouji Seo, Tokyo Ghoul Re Simuldub, Discotek Poll, Bean Bandit Kickstarter, Moshi Moshi Terumi desu, ISLAND anime, Young Again In Another World Cancellation, Rose of Versailles, Black Butler II, Clannad PS4, Valve Content Policies, Alice in Murderland, That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, huke figure Kickstarter, Love Live Sunshine Movie, and much more!

Thanks to JackTWD4th, Mys145, and fragoff for the great questions featured on this episode.

The intro for this episode is the OP for Barakamon called “Rashisa” by SUPER BEAVER. The outro for this episode is the ED for Blood Blockade Battlefront called “Sugar Song to Bitter Step” by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN.

http://otakuspirit.com/2018/06/animecas ... hone-desu/
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Re: 388) Moshi Moshi, Rotary Phone Desu

Postby michelous » Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:34 pm

The newest event in fate grand order starts as soon as journey to the west ends it offers 2 very good berserkers in the banana loli from rashomon and mama Raikoh who can be berserker Gil we also get free servant kintoki rider who is very good four star rider

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Re: 388) Moshi Moshi, Rotary Phone Desu

Postby Mys145 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:02 am

My advice for watching Index/Railgun is to actually start watching Railgun first not Index even though it came out first. Index had the dumb idea of not developing espers before introducing magicians as a curveball. Railgun doesn't deal with the magician side of things and just focuses on espers and also starts before Index in the timeline. The first season of Railgun will end around the first 6 episodes of Index while the second season of Railgun is mostly an expanded version of episodes 10-14 of Index. I definitely suggest watching the first season of Railgun before watching the first season of Index and up to you on how you want to watch the rest.

I just went to the Animelo site and saw they updated the list. On the first day, they added Kanako Ito and Zwei. Second day was Minami and the third day was Yui Ogura and YURiKA. Not being able to go to the first day still hurts but I will end up buying the Blu-Ray of the first day when it comes out next year. I still hoping to see a couple more of my personal favorites on the other two days since they haven't finished listing the artist list.

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Re: 388) Moshi Moshi, Rotary Phone Desu

Postby BlueSpark » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:18 am

There's quite a number of topics I'd like to comment on here. Strap in, folks 8-).

Feeling "investment-locked" into a game can be pretty terrible. Although it's an issue we actually create only in our minds - or so I've heard. It's apparently a typical case of the sunk-cost fallacy. Even though I know the psychological background, I'm still prone to it, myself. After playing League of Legends for almost a full year, I had the option to switch to Heroes of the Storm, but I couldn't bring myself to do it - I'd learned the ropes in League all by myself and come pretty far. That wasn't something I was willing to throw away just to start from scratch in a new MOBA game.
Resolution of the story: I became more and more bored with League, eventually quit it for good, and started playing Heroes about 2 years later. Time will heal everything, including unwarranted emotional attachment to a game :).

For a second there, I almost freaked out when I (mis)heard you talk about A Certain Scientific Railgun and a season 3. Turns out it's 'only' Index which is getting a continuation :(. Actually, I think you may have already mentioned that in another podcast episode a while back. It's not like I dislike the Index series, but what I really crave is more Misaka goodness. I hope that at least, the new season keeps pushing the romantic tension between Touma and her like season 2 did :>.

I'm really flattered that you would consider me for the position of Dub Embassador of Otaku Spirit. However, regarding the particular task you've prepared for me, I'll have to respectfully decline. Since I only watch fully aired series, I don't really care about delays in the simuldub schedule. And moreover, Funimation don't offer their services in Germany, anyway.

The concept of dubbing shows and selling them for twice the price is definitely something I'd tentatively be interested in (At least for animes I wholeheartedly enjoyed). However, I hate the idea of buying 2 box sets for one season. That's actually something I've purposely avoided until this day. I had to wait for about a year (or even longer) to buy season 2 of Railgun because that's how long it took Funimation to put out a "complete season" release. The main reason is the limited space on my shelf, but even if I had triple the number of shelves, I don't like the idea of stuffing them with too many DVD/Blu-ray cases.

So, the challenge is on - pronouncing "Versailles" the worst way possible should actually be considered an art form. Congratulations on making my ears bleed, Andrew :P (Sorry, 7 years of learning French at school will make you sensitive about stuff like this ^^).

The Anonymous Noise dub is finally coming - yay for me! This show looks so right up my alley, I can practically see it when I look out my window. Now to play the waiting game until all of the episodes have aired...

Last thing: fragoff's question about romance animes. I think it really depends on what you want to get out of a show. Everybody who's read my introduction or some of my other posts should know that I love drama in all of its forms. It's about being swept away by emotional turmoil. A 'pure' romance series (A label I'd put on, for instance, Mysterious Girlfriend X or My Love Story) would naturally be much calmer - you can only create so much excitement when everything is swell and dandy. Of course, I'm a huge fan of MGX, myself; it can be a nice change of pace to see love blossom without the intrusion of romantic rivals or tragic circumstances. But personally, I wouldn't want to watch too many series of this type.
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Re: 388) Moshi Moshi, Rotary Phone Desu

Postby MojaveRena » Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:31 am

- Being invested in a game can be extremely addictive, I used to pay Runescape way too much until I decided to quit.
You could say I am addicted to Fallout New Vegas since I love the game so much, but I can always just stop playing it for a while and/or play something else.
I liked your E3 discussion in one of the last podcasts, I'm a gamer too. It's interesting to listen to what games you talk about and are interested in.

- Harukana Receive! I was wondering what this would look like, and it does look as exciting as I thought it would. I think this show is going to focus more on sports rather than ecchi scenes.

- I think Bluespark would make a good choice as the person you can ask for dubbed anime. He knows a lot about dubbed anime and is enthusiastic about the voice actors, like me.
I could help too, if you want? I don't have Funimation subscription here in Italy since their services aren't available here and my internet connection is not the best, but I do watch some airing anime in dub so I could try to help you guys. :)

You forgot to mention regarding the simuldubs to subbed anime - FLCL Progressive is not available in subs until this November, you could say there is a delay of some sort on the subbed side, but the dub is already out. Not sure why the subbed version was delayed, a lot of people are confused about this.. a similar thing happened with Space Dandy if I remember correctly.

- Steam are doing a wise thing by allowing users decide what they want to see, and not just show anything. If users do want to see adult content, let them. If they don't want to see anything like that, they can select an option to not allow that type of content.

- Princess Principle is getting a dub, nice! I was waiting for that to be dubbed since I watched it in the subbed version a while ago. If it means I can rewatch it in the dub or other people can watch this show, it's all good.

Great podcast guys, keep it up!

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Postby BruceMP » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:59 pm

Would it be possible to have a "view first unread" button right by the "view previous topic view next topic" so users can bypass all the posts theyve already read. This would make the forum experience more convenient and enjoyable.