399) Summer 2018 Anime First Impressions

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399) Summer 2018 Anime First Impressions

Postby Andrew » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:25 am

The Summer 2018 season is stacked with many big titles and returning gems. Join the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast as they dive into all of the shows they’ve seen and what they think of each one.

Anime Featured in this Episode: Angels of Death, Angolmois Record of Mongol Invasion, Asobi Asobase, Banana Fish, Cells At Work, Chio’s School Road, Dropkick on my Devil, Grandblue Dreaming, Hanebado, Happy Sugar Life, Harukana Receive, Holmes of Kyoto, How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, Island, Lord of Vermillion, Music Girls, One Room 2, Overlord 3, Planet With, Revue Starlight, Seven Senses of the Reunion, The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar, We Rent Tsukumogami, Yuuna and the Haunted Hotspring, Encouragement of Climb 3, and Attack on Titan Season 3.

The intro music for this episode is the ED for Island called “Eternal Star” by Asaka. The outro music for this episode is the ED for Attack on Titan 3 called “Akatsuki no Requiem” by Linked Horizon.

We hope you all enjoy!
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Re: 399) Summer 2018 Anime First Impressions

Postby SethAmaha » Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:38 am

Dropkick on my Devil really fell off for me because it's basically the same joke of Jashin doing something mean and than getting punished by it. I really find her annoying as a character and considering she makes up 75% of the screen time, I don't get to enjoy anything else.

I have to come to the defense of Grandblue Dreaming because I think you are trying to get more out of it than what it is offering. It's not trying to sell a big story in any way shape or form, it is simply a comedy that happens to have a background plotline. It is meant solely to be enjoyed for the crazy antics of the characters and not for any drama that they might be involved. I also have to counter the argument that only party people would enjoy it. I'm a very antisocial person and only drink to enjoy my meals but even then I really love this show as my comedy of the season. It would be better to say that if you liked bro comedies like Daily Lives of High School Boys than this is a perfect comedy for you.

I agree that Angels of Death and Revue Starlight aren't really doing much right now. Angels of Death is stagnant in the fact that it started really strong but because the main female lead is so dead faced, the chemistry between the leads is weak and the interactions tend to repeat themselves with each floor they ascend. Revue Starlight is keeping up with the animation, which is great already, but it is not doing much else in terms of explaining anything and moving the plot forward.

Lord of Vermillion is a case of being affected by the disease known as Adapted from a Gameitis. It focuses so much to show the quirks of the game that it does nothing to give an actual story or even properly introduce and build their characters.

I see where you are trying to go with Seven Senses of the Reunion but I disagree. I get the similarities visually and structurally, but storywise the show is extremely weak. Not to mention that the game elements of the show make absolutely no sense to the setting, something I have been strongly criticizing it from the beginning.

One show I didn't hear you comment on was Monster Strike. The new season is a completely new story that is separate from everything else and is unnecessary to watch the previous seasons for. It may however require some prior knowledge of the game, but I guess that's pretty niche in NA since the servers went down last year.

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Re: 399) Summer 2018 Anime First Impressions

Postby Mr Tib » Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:51 pm

Just in case anyone didn’t catch it or just couldn’t put your finger on it, in Chio’s school road while Chio is trying to get out of the bathroom there is a song that plays (I’ll put it in spoiler tab just in case)
while she is focusing her chakra. That song is the 3rd opening to naruto shipudden. What’s funny is I didn’t even notice it at first, I thought it was weird that a insert song had lyrics but that’s it and my sister was the one to point it out.

Hanebado is definitely one of my favorites this season even though it took them till episode 4 to get to an actual game. Also Andrew, I don’t know if you noticed yet or not but in the music episode you talked about how you liked the white plus single color shots in the op but was disappointed that they reused it in the later half and I was the same but when I started the forth episode I finally realized, it not! The second half is a continuation of the first and with learning that l am calling this the best op of the season.

I’m really invested in what the story of Happy Sugar Life is going to be BUT if this show hurts Tama (chio) or make her cry I am dropping this show so hard.

I don’t know if it will help since bricks is one of your hold ups but in Holmes of Kyoto episode 2 is about a girl getting threatening letters and episode 3 is about “who burned our dead dads scrolls?”.

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Re: 399) Summer 2018 Anime First Impressions

Postby Mys145 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:00 pm

I gave up on Angels of Death because it was too gamey. They didn't really try that it was from a game with all the puzzles that they have to solve to pass each floor.

I do agree with Seth about Grand Blue and that you're trying to get more out of it that may or may not exist at all. I would say the same thing about Harukana Receive and Music Girls as well with the statement that you are trying to pull more out of it than it has perhaps. Harukana Receive doesn't need a super serious storyline to be enjoyable. I didn't know about the idol writing Music Girls but I think that hamper your enjoyment on the show because you put this expectation on the show that probably didn't exist in the first place. I also disagree with Chris that Haneko should gone the route to improve her singing to become a Music Girl at some point. I like the fact that Haneko being an assistant to the Music Girls instead of trying to be one is more interesting. Also there have been shows where idols with meager talent improved themselves ie Bang Dream.

Since when does making petty decisions a trait of being bricks? At least she wanted to confront them face to face about it instead of letting it brew over it for years. I will mention episode four does bring this up to a conclusion.

I don't like the fact that Andrew kept saying the girls are Diablo's slaves in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord. He doesn't treat them as slaves at all and saying that they are his slaves just gives the wrong impression of the show. It already has the ecchi element to it to make it something people wouldn't watch along with being an isekai show. Also the girls weren't specifically summoning a Demon Lord but trying to get a summon there with a chance of being a high level summon.

I used Anohana when describing Seven Senses of the Reunion to people. I don't know why people hate you for saying that but unlike you, I don't hold it against the show.

The main character in The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar is what the main character In Another World with my Smartphone should have been. Just has his smartphone and no magic or physical enhancements at all.