429) Best Anime of 2018 Deliberations Part 1

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Re: 429) Best Anime of 2018 Deliberations Part 1

Postby Chris » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:39 pm

Eira wrote:
BlueSpark wrote:
Eira wrote:You’re delusional
Whoah, whoa... I think we need an intervention here. To be perfectly frank, Eira, I think you're being more unreasonable than Mys has been in this entire thread.

That may be true, how he went about this whole thing really rubbed me the wrong way and so I went on the attack as it annoyed me to no end and I wanted him to stop.

BlueSpark wrote:From where I'm standing, it looks like he was providing valid feedback on the podcast format, nothing more. I do think dropping the argument earlier might've been a good idea, but if Mys felt that his point was misunderstood, I believe he has every right to elaborate for clarification purposes. Perhaps Chris did understand exactly what he was saying, but Mys in turn didn't catch that.

Which is why I was so forceful, mys didn’t seem to get that Chris was just repeating himself and that they’d reached a point where neither would change their minds earlier, I simply wanted him to know when to stop and stop. I had a friend just like him in the past and seeing someone act like that has always bothered me since, I was telling him to let it go for everyone’s sake, including his own.

BlueSpark wrote:misinterpretations are an inherent problem with any form of communication, especially if it's text-only. "Just letting it slide" instead goes against everything fullmetal's open letter stands for, the way I see it. Didn't we want to encourage open discussion?

Yes, but discussion can happen without annoying Chris by telling him he should run his podcast differently and make him keep repeating himself because you refuse to take no for an answer and also don’t bring up any new points.

What I did doesn’t go against the open letter, I was a huge supporter of it, I wouldn’t go against it and you should know that. Also I asked senpi and he said it doesn’t, he’s my friend so I can actually check this stuff.

BlueSpark wrote:Bringing handicaps into this is going to make the whole thing really messy. Not really something I want to address - non-disabled people tend to get very self-conscious about these topics (recommended reading: Katawa Shoujo).

Not gonna lie that last bit seems pretty condescending and I don’t appreciate it at all. I literally have autisim, don’t act like I need to read up on disabilities. I’ve read katawa shoujo anyway. And also I don’t want to give anyone a handicap but I feel like it would make mys not use his disability as some kind of leverage anymore since it worked on my old friend who acted the same way.

BlueSpark wrote:Mys brought it up first, but I feel that Eira's prior post sounded quite provocative. I'm not going to attempt to judge who's in the wrong on this point. I just hope we can all accept that Mys was just trying to help out by letting our hosts know his opinion, he's been heard, but Andrew and Chris are the ones who are going to set the rules, and we let the matter rest now.

Mys brining it up is fine and I had no problem with that. His constant responding with no new points was what got to me, Chris seemed obviously annoyed and I think that’s refracted in how outside of calling Mys delusional he thinks I isn’t to too far. Chris is my friend and seeing him getting annoyed and badgered by Mys, who was acting like an old ex friend I use to have, annoyed me in all kinds of ways.

It was meant to provoke him, I’m glad that got across, cause the best result is for him to let it go after Chris made it clear from the get go he wasn’t going to change it.

fragoff wrote:
BlueSpark wrote:misinterpretations are an inherent problem with any form of communication, especially if it's text-only.

Yep. You have to have experienced internet and forums a lot to get this. Not an easy process.

I disagree, I don’t think it’s that hard to get. Also I think it just require social interaction to get, not specific to the internet or forums.

fragoff wrote:I just want to point out the 'just letting slide' can be a good way to act on certain occasions. Like if you talk with someone but nothing gets through or that answering would just create more flame.

This is my main point, Chris was getting aggitated, or so it seemed and Mys didn’t realise that it was pointless to keep on going. He made up this idea in his head that the only way Chris would disagree with him was if he didn’t understand it, so he kept pushing. But in reality, Chris just didn’t agree with him. And the fact that he put himself so high and though his opinion was the best thing since sliced bread annoyed me.

fragoff wrote:People who do not understand that putting intentions and meanings behind what is actualy written is a dangerous game. Those tend to rage-write easely. This doesn't mean that there is never a 'hidden' meaning behind something written, it just mean that as long as you do not clarify it, putting your own twist on it does not make it the truth.

I’m going to assume this is aimed at me cause I made a lot out of the intentions behinds Mys’ post that wasn’t said by him right out.

However since I’ve felt with someone who acted exactly like this in the past I’m 97% sure I understand what Mys is trying to say and what his intentions are, he wouldn’t be going about things this way and saying certain things unless the intentions for them are as I stated give or take some details, the base idea should be the same. Of course that’s a bad look so he’ll just deny it, but acting defensive in this situation is exactly what I expected of him and it’s why I went on the attack early.

Mys145 wrote:So I'm delusional because I want to be understood before giving up on it or thinking that my opinion is valid.

Nope. That’s not what I said and you know that’s not what I said, you’re just trying to twist my words around to fit your own agenda.

Mys145 wrote: I rather be delusional then than thinking my opinions are never valid or can't clarify anything I said. So my opinion about podcast format isn't valid because I'm not directly involved, then people shouldn't have opinions about anything ever especially political views since we aren't directly involved.

Nice straw man AND slippery slope argument there. The double whammy of responses. I didn’t say your option was invalid right off the bat, your first post is fine and I have no issue with you voicing your opinion, in fact I’m glad you did so. that much IS supporting the open letter, its the way you kept pushing it that bothers me and seems like it bothers Chris.

Mys145 wrote:I'm capable of letting things slide but if I feel my point isn't being accurately to the other person, I will continue until I feel satisfied and done with it.

This is a problem because Chris did understand you, you just felt like he didn’t and that shows that you have a horrible mindset and don’t consider what other people are feeling or thinking. You kept pushing your own point, just rewording things and not actually brining up new things because you assumed he disagreed with you because he misunderstood and not just because he disagrees with you while understanding it.

You need to accept that not everyone is going to agree with your idea of how it should be done and that’s why I said you needed to stop, I didn’t intervene until this point cause that’s when it was getting bad and I wanted to save Chris from your masneess, you wouldn’t stop so I came in to be another voice to try and end it all.

Mys145 wrote:Also you shouldn't say that my opinion isn't valid as anyone else's opinion about it if they had a differing opinion. As you put it, you're a horrible person because you don't know how to express your opinion without berating the person that you disagree with.

I’m a horrible person but I didn’t insult you, I just said what you were doing was bad and that you shouldn’t have that kind of mindset, I stand by it. You’re also a horrible person, you just think so highly of yourself that you can’t even see that what you’re doing is horrible and negatively affecting those around you.

Mys145 wrote:I respect people more who can express their different opinions without directly insulting the person like you did to me. Chris didn't insult me like you did. If I did sound like that they should change based on my opinion, then I'm sorry for that.

I didn’t insult you and Chris only didn’t is because he’s too nice of a guy, but he had ever right to and if he did I wouldn’t of been surprised, you kept pushing him and it was very rude of you to do that!

Mys145 wrote:They can do whatever but it shouldn't mean that I should be quiet because it doesn't matter. Countless people do the same thing everyday posting or saying their opinions about what they don't like regardless if they have the power to change people's minds or not.

It does mean you should know when to shut up tho, you stated your opinion and Chris said no, you kept going and he kept saying no. You needed to be told to stop so I told you to stop, that’s all, knowing when you’ve gone too far, please try to get better at this as it will only cause problems if you don’t.

Mys145 wrote:Someone who has strong opinions about things such as you shouldn't be the one to say that another's person opinion isn't valid at all.

Good thing I didn’t say it wasn’t valid at all then and only said you should stop once Chris started to get bothered by it, he has better things to do then repeat himself at you.

Mys145 wrote:I'm not disabled in the mind just only speaking aloud. You can say whatever now but I will do the thing that Chris did earlier and not say anymore about this.

Awesome, that’s all I wanted.

Kk grabbing Eira’s post becaus I think it haves everyone in it and I want to address pretty much everyone involved.

First off as odd as it sounds I think this is good for everyone. Get it out of your system. I just wish we could get it out without feeling attacked.

To mys

Even if you feel misunderstood you and me have bantered back and forth for years. I hope you don’t truly think my oppinion of you has changed in any way. You are our oldest member of our community now. As you were then you are more so now one our friends. You are very valuable and need to always remember that.

I am glad you finally expressed your difficulty. I have always suspected a frustration on your point but could never get what it was. On the other hand using it to lash out at me was probably the wrong way to go. I have known you for nearly 5 years. In that time I seriously doubt any one has bantered back and forth with you more then me or my brother.

My biggest message to you and any person reading this do not let your difficulty / disabilitiy / learning defeciancy or whatever holds you back keep you down defy it break the chain and become more than anyone else. Don’t settle for where you are break free and reach for the sky. No one can control someone who cannot be told what they can or cannot do. Only you have that power. You decide your limitations. ( side note I have a learning defeciancy as well )

To Eira

Thank you for your support. My only message to you as I already mentioned to you in private and a lot more specific is to try and work on softening the tone a little. And read above as I said to mys I am proud to call both of you my friends. Defy your limitations.

To blue spark

The benefit of the doubt. Thank you for that. This is crucial, I wish this was a common feeling all around. Try to be careful however when you jump in to a bickering match, when your trying to defuse the bomb it can blow up in your hands. You must remain neutral. This goes for Eira as well. A banter between me and mys some how became a bicker between Eira and bluspark.

To close

Everyone’s oppinion matters. None of the discussion in anyway negated anyone else. I wish we could see passed the walls of texts and meet one another face to face. We are all friends and I guarantee if we all met we would have so much fun together. You were all brought together for a reason. You shared a vision. You glimpsed it even if for a moment. And this was it. I still believe in this community. But it lives by what you make of it,

The more you invest in this community the more return you will get out of it.

Have fun

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Re: 429) Best Anime of 2018 Deliberations Part 1

Postby Fullmetal-Senpai » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:12 pm

Chris wrote:Everyone’s oppinion matters. None of the discussion in anyway negated anyone else. I wish we could see passed the walls of texts and meet one another face to face. We are all friends and I guarantee if we all met we would have so much fun together. You were all brought together for a reason. You shared a vision. You glimpsed it even if for a moment. And this was it. I still believe in this community. But it lives by what you make of it,

And this is basically why I like chatrooms at the moment. It's faster communication and therefore smaller in form but closer to the intended message. If we could meet I do wonder how it would all go down. I've been told I'm not very approachable.