430) Best Anime of 2018 Deliberations Part 2

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430) Best Anime of 2018 Deliberations Part 2

Postby Andrew » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:40 pm

The 2018 Anime Year has come to a close and it’s time for the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast to tackle the age old question of which is best. Join them in this 4 part series as they run through each genre, best of topics, seasonal picks, and finally the best of the year!

Please note: Deliberation episodes are intended to be nearly unfiltered and lightly edited. These were recorded over hours of deliberations and, while a bit of dead air was removed, it may have points of silence. This isn’t a reflection of our typical podcast episodes that are heavily edited for better listening experience.

Deliberations covered in this episode: Sci-fi Mecha, Horror Psychological, Comedy, Harem, Ecchi, and Romance..

The opening for this episode is the OP for Darling in the Franxx called “KISS OF DEATH” by Mika Nakashima x Hyde. The closing for this episode is the ED for How Not To Summon A Demon Lord called “Saiaku na hi demo Anata ga Suki” by Yuu Serizawa.

We hope you all enjoy!
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Re: 430) Best Anime of 2018 Deliberations Part 2

Postby BlueSpark » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:54 pm

At this point, I'm glad about any positive criticism leveled at Darling in the FranXX. I mean, it's a divisive show and I'm sure it has its staunch fandom, but most of the reviews I've been reading and listening to seem to focus on the negatives. This anime is definitely my surprise hit of the year. Although, if I had to be honest, I don't think it super excelled in any one particular area - it's just a beautiful combination of several aspects.
That being said, I feel that Darling had an amazing romance subplot (around Eureka Seven levels). But you could clearly tell that it's not a primary genre of the show, so I think you're right in not considering it for your top romance choices. On that note, I'm looking forward with anticipation to Tada and Bloom into You.

I do feel very strongly about Chio's School Road being an outstanding comedy, however. Regardless of viewing preferences, I truly feel sorry for anyone who has not watched the English dub of this show. You're missing out on one amazing experience.

Back to the problems of defining slice of life, I see :P. Not going to claim I can offer the one and only solution (We already discussed the whole issue on the forums in great detail), but I really think the most reasonable, if non-objective, way to resolve this would be for you to weigh whether the drama component or the slice-of-life component of a given anime carries more weight for the show as a whole. For instance, a title like Interviews with Monster Girls is very much slice-of-life-centric with only mild drama on the side. Meanwhile, Scum's Wish oozes drama while including slice-of-life aspects, which are mostly an afterthought in the grand scheme of things.

All throughout the closing song for this episode, I kept thinking "Man, you know this one. Where is it from?". When the final line kicked in with "Darling, make me happy," it hit me. Gah, that final still of the two girls smiling brightly, together with the simple but affectionate lyrics, was just sooo precious :>. In all seriousness, it qualifies as one of the highlights of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord for me.
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