475) Hated Characters

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475) Hated Characters

Postby Andrew » Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:06 am

The hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast dive into the fandom to find the most hated anime characters and challenge themselves to both explain them, and even justify them.

As mentioned in the episode, this episode is full on open game for spoilers. Please skip any show we discuss if you do not want to hear spoilers. Note however that this was a freeflowing conversation and we may have jumped around some to other shows. While most are soft spoilers, below are the significant spoiler segments to possibly skip:

Code Geass – 16:52-19:44
Darling in the Franxx – 19:50-29:00
Berserk – 38:38-40:55
Akame Ga Kill – 40:55-44:20
Sword Art Online – 47:50-1:00:38
Madoka Magica – 1:00:44-1:05:40
Aldnoah Zero – 1:12:14-1:18:32
School Days – 1:18:40-1:24:02
Full Metal Alchemist – 1:26:44-1:31:12
Bleach – 1:34:16-1:36:40
Full Metal Alchemist – 1:37:30-1:38:30
Eccentric Family – 1:43:10-1:46:24
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – 1:46:44-1:51:00
Neon Genesis Evangelion – 1:54:44-2:03:22

Shows Covered In This Episode: Fruits Basket, Code Geass, Darling in the Franxx, Future Diary, Shield Hero, Berserk, Akame Ga Kill, Himouto Umaru-chan, Sword Art Online, Madoka Magica, Soul Eater, Naruto, Aldnoah Zero, School Days, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Eccentric Family, Death Note, Ajin, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Re:Zero, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Death Note, Bleach, High School of the Dead, Dragon Ball Z, and much more!

The opening song for this episode is the OP for Eccentric Family called “Uchouten Jinsei” by milktub. The closing for this episode is the ED for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress called “ninelie” by Aimer with chelly.

We hope you all enjoy!
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Re: 475) Hated Characters

Postby BlueSpark » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:35 am

Yay, I recognized the band playing the Kabaneri ED - it's got to be the same guys who did the 1st Baka and Test ED song. The overall style as well as the singer's voice are a dead giveaway. I like their sound.

I feel really bad for Ichigo, drawing so much hate when she was simply taking what she figured was the best course of action. Andrew spelled it out nicely; I don't see how she did anything wrong. I like Ichigo as a character, too, although I never once stopped rooting for Zero-Two x Hiro.

Excalibur was great! For real, unironically, the 3 episodes focused on him were probably my favorites in all of Soul Eater. I found that guy super fun and entertaining (in his own, annoying way).

Chris, I will thank you not to insult the infamous Nice Boat by calling it a "Happy Boat" :P. For School Days, I hear the production committee intentionally chose to adapt the 'bad end' route of the visual novel. A brazen choice indeed. I'm still fascinated by the concept of the series and would love to watch it if there was an English version. Not least because I've heard a few people say they actually don't hate Makoto and thought that he was simply a victim of his own youthful desires.

About Sho Tucker: A work colleague, who had also watched Fullmetal Alchemist, recently told me that she once saw a T-shirt portraying the little girl and the dog doing a DragonBall-style fusion move. That just sounds sick and twisted to me :(. Sets the gold standard for black humor in the anime realm.

I can't believe that a large number of people would hate Yuno Gasai. She's one of the most iconic and exciting characters in all of anime. I guess what she did at the mid-point of the show was pretty effed up, but still... She was a wonderful character to watch.

Lastly, I kind of get why people would get annoyed with Shinji Ikari. I'm not usually one to care for 'artistic merits' of certain choices in animes, I just want the stuff I watch to entertain me. But for Shinji, his whininess was an integral and believable part of his personality. That actually impressed me, so I have an overall positive impression of his character, even though I didn't like the show.
Yukiteru Ameno is a similar case - he's caught up in the middle of a death match. Any kid in his shoes would be scared out of their mind. So I don't hold it against him, although his whining did grate on me more than Shinji's for some reason.
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Re: 475) Hated Characters

Postby michelous » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:17 pm

For school days is you gotta play the game and make the choices right as a person that played the game to 100% compete getting the good harem end is about making the choices in the right time

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Re: 475) Hated Characters

Postby Eira » Fri Sep 27, 2019 11:16 am

Late AF, but a sickness means I’ve been mostly house ridden and I’m use to listening to podcasts when walking my dog, which was a daily thing, but I’ve been sick and so I have the time, but it’s just not what I’m use to.

However in my beife moments of going out that I’ve had I got this done finally and even if it’s late I feel like making comments anyway since I went to the effort of taking notes.

I gotta agree with the genki hate. Not fully and it’s only when it’s REALLY bad. But when it gets really bad it’s like... so bad! Tbh just normal avarage protagonist level genki is fine and actually something I enjoy, but when it goes too far it loses any defence from me. Even more so if it’s done during poor moments, it just makes it worse.

Also yer, hate for franxx was defiantly cause of ship breaking. People are just dumb and I guess they thought she had a good enough chance to break up a couple that majority of viewers were really enjoying! But it’s a show, we need conflict and it was the perfect time where Shinji meant to be going wrong and we’re meant to not be sure what the future holds, but I gues everyone was so worried about these characters not getting the perfect future together that the fanbase just filled out. Still never watched this show but I saw the drama very closely as it happaened via twitter.

I’ll admit I hate the protagonist for future diary, not just cause he whines but because he doesn’t do much, he rarely forwards the plot of his own and is fairly useless tbh. Yuno played an active role a lot more and thus became the symbol of the show. But I’ll admit that Chris is right, when he said ‘that one scene was cool’ I knew what he meant and I have to agree on that. If he spent more time being like that, being active and then laying down a plan and explainging how he did it, that would of made him much more enjoyable overall.

Tbh I can’t understand hating Griffith, like yer, he does some bad Shinji. But after all the horrible things that happened to him, I almost understand why he’d do what he did. Now he didn’t need to go so far as to rape her and right infrount of guts but I didn’t really hate him after that, I was just shocked by everything that had happened and though it set him up to really be a truly evil villian, yet no hate.

And of course Jesus-Kun (Kirito) you guys pretty much covered it all. But I do have an issue with things you said, about being able to justify all these things about him. It’s very easy to justify a lot about kitiro because he has no defining personality trait, he flip flops all the time and is good at so many things that you can almost justify anything about him and that’s part of the problem. Any moment can technically work regardless of what he does but it mean he never really fits a mood and that made it hard for me to attach to him. Eugeo or whatever his name was from alicization was so much better, I wish they had kept him around. But his not a girl so I guess he has to die.

Also yer, rapey McRape face is pretty bad. His not just unredemable from a story perspective but also a writing one. There’s almost never a good reason to have rape or sexual assault in your story. There has to be a very good reason for it and most of the time you can achieve whatever you’re trying to do with something else and it’ll be better too. There’s a great piece written all about this that I read once but I can’t remember who wrote it. But also Andrew is right that watching him die in game is satisfying BUT it would of been better if we watched him die in real life. I hate that at the end Kirito drops the knife like an idiot! I know it would of caused problems to have to write around why Kirito is allowed to get away with it but that would of been easy really, he should of killled him, he doesn’t deserve to live, he said he was gonna rape Asuna IRL after all.

Kyuubyu, is that how it’s spelt? You know who I mean, I actually have no hate for. He shows up, he says what his deal is and he explained very logically why he does what he does and I’m glad that he doesn’t care, I’m glad they didn’t pull some bullshit and make him change heart and care towards the end or something, I like him having a goal and sticking to it and not having any sympothy for the girls, he’s very logical and it’s nice to see really. I stand by what he did even if it’s horrible.

Slain did do a 180 at the end tho. The whole story did, the plot, all the characters, the tone. That show was trying way too hard! Gen urobuchi only worked on the first few episodes and then laid out a frame work. But the writers wanted so hard to be like urobuchi and make the end be like the start that they just went nuts and did a bunch of Shinji that made no sense. Made even worse by their lack of ability to actually have anyone die. Also yes, it did air shortly after you guys started OS. Since I started listening late 2017 and I remember how much you guys talked about aldanoha thought the first seasons airing, lots of speculation on season 2 and then just disappointment, lol.

School days is good, you’re meant to hate the protagonist. The VN is infamous for its bad endings and this is one of them. The show decided to go with one where you have to be a dick and play around with all the girls and thus you suffer at the end for trying to get with everyone. So you’re meant to think his a dick and that this is bad thing and that he should be screwed at the end. Although the other girl getting cut open is a bit much. Overall tho I still really like school days and while I think the protagonist is a horrible person, since he does what he’s meant to do and be an absolute dick who’s easy to hate, I actually think his a good character from a writing perspective. It’s a lot harder to make a character truly hateable then likeable.

First off, mr.satan did not show up in the Saiyan man arc, he showed up in the cell arc and was watching the fight between the Z fighters and cell, he saw all of that and then took the credit in the end. Also the Saiyman arc is NOT filler! It was in the manga and it was cause for awhile they wanted to change the focus from Goku to Gohan and get rid of Goku all together, but they ended up bringing him back cause of popular demand I guess. But also that arc ain’t filler and it’s important but it leads directly into Buu and also it’s where we meet Videl, who’s very important.
But yer I love Mr.Satan becuase he’s a good guy and in context of a normal human he is strong. He beats up those guys with a gun who shoot buus dog easily. Plus he befriends buu and makes him be nice, thus splitting his personality. Also all the Z fighters agree to let him take the spotlight and credit for things cause it makes more sense for the people to have one consistent hero to follow. That’s why 18 say she’ll let him win but then she takes most of the prize money and in super Goku also lets him look like he beat him in public. It’s an agreed deal, it’s not like he’s betraying the Z fighters by taking credit, they let him take credit. Plus I love when he’s the main reason that most people give their power to the spirit bomb and Goku even says that Mr.Satan is truly the hero of the world. Screw anyone that hates him!

I agree Misa is overrated, maybe she worse in the anime but I’ve only read the DN manga.

I actually kinda like Mineta, even if I don’t like Hero Aca that much. Plus Andrew said he didn’t remember one heroic moment he had, but he has had a few small ones but then he did have one proper one, during the exam where they had to fight the teachers and seto is that his name, the tape guy. Passed out and then Mineta was able to win and help carry seto out as well and even said ‘the boobs can wait today’. It was something dumb like that, but also the other teachers watching even made a comment that wanting to be liked to girls and wanting to become a hero for that reason can be a good enough motivater and is a good reason.

Shinji is great, better then Yuki by a million years. The dad sucks obviously but Shinji and Asuka are great and it’s exactly cause of what you guys said, they’re responding realisticly. I still am confused that majority of people don’t understand this, I guess most anime fans just want them to act like they’re normal anime heroes or something. But Shinji and Asuka are the closest that anime characters have come to being like real people and you can’t convince me otherwise!
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