Spring 2016 Schedule

Spring 2016 Anime Season

**Times are subject to change as deemed necessary by broadcasters and streaming services**

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All times are Central Time (GMT-5). Up to date as of 12Apr2016.

CR = Crunchyroll FN = Funimation DS = Daisuki
HL = Hulu AZ = Amazon AN = AnimeNetwork

4:00am My Hero Academia FN HL
8:00am Pan De Peace! CR
10:30am Rainbow Days & Club Rainbow FN
11:00am Three Leaves, Three Colors FN
12:00pm Kumamiko FN
12:35pm Re:Zero CR
6:30am JOKER CR
9:30am Sailor Moon Crystal CR HL
11:00am BAKUON!! CR AN
12:30pm Usakame CR
12:35pm Wagamama High Spec CR
1:15pm Cerberus CR
1:45pm Hundred CR
12:00pm Joker Game CR
6:00am Twin Star Exorcist CR
10:30am Crane Game Girls CR
12:35pm Bungo Stray Dogs CR
1:05pm Super Lovers CR
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress AZ
Onigiri AN
5:55am Naruto Shippuden CR HL
9:00am Anne Happy CR
11:00am Never A Girl Online? FN
12:55pm Assassination Classroom FN
8:00am Concrete Revolutio 2 FN DS
9:20am Space Patrol Luluco CR
9:30am Ushio and Tora CR
10:40am Kagewani II CR
11:30am Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure CR HL
12:05pm Terraformars Revenge CR HL
6:30pm Future Card Buddyfight! CR
7:30pm Shonen Maid FN
8:30pm The Lost Village CR
12:00am Haven’t Your Heard? I’m Sakamoto CR AN
6:00am Ace Attorney CR
6:00am RIN-NE CR AN
9:00am Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless CR AN
10:00am The Asterisk War 2 CR HL DS FN
10:30am Kiznaiver CR
11:30am High School Fleet / Haifuri CR FN DS
2:00pm Endride FN
2:30pm Flying Witch CR
5:30pm Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Re:0096 CR DS
9:00pm Cardfight! Vanguard CR
9:00pm One Piece CR FN HL

Non-Simulcast Shows
Kuromukuro No Word On Release

Unscheduled Shows
Big Order Licensed By Crunchyroll

Unlicensed Shows
Aikatsu Stars!
Battle Spirits: Double Drive
Beyblade Burst
Duel Masters VSRF
Kamisama Wanda
Macross Delta
Magi: Sinbad (Crunchyroll?)
PriPara 3