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Animecast: Are We Watching The Same Show?


Have you ever listened to someone talk about a show and you suddenly think to yourself “Are they even watching the same show as I am?!” Join the hosts of the Animecast as they analyze analysts and where some of it all falls apart. Read more »

Animecast: Is Anime Dying?


“Anime is dying!” “This is the worst season ever!” and more are statements we hear every season. With that said, you’d think the industry was over. In this episode of the podcast, we examine the anime industry, its quality, and its elements as an entertainment industry. Then dive into the strength it actually seems to be building. Read more »

Animecast: Rating Anime


What does a 3 out of 5 mean to you? How does one compare a 4 star comedy to a 3 star drama? Why is it wrong to expect all shows to be perfect? Fast and heavy plot versus a slow burn? We explore the elements of rating anime and why it’s such a broken concept. As well as discuss the idea of enjoying things more than focusing on critiquing. Read more »

School-Live! An Undead Delusion


The anime adaptation of the manga Gakkou Gurashi kicked off this week to a surprisingly interesting start.  Taking what looked to be a silly cutesy club show into something that managed to break a few hearts.  However the surprising twist at its first episode conclusion may have been a bit less shocking if you seen the writing on the wall. Read more »