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Animecast: CGI and Anime


CGI is something that is becoming more and more prevalent in the world of anime. Whether it’s CGI characters duking it out in a combat scene, or the entirety of the show being done in CGI, it’s here and it seems like it’s here to stay. In this Animecast, the hosts sit down to dive into the goods and bads of the technique. Read more »

Top Anime Opening and Endings of 2013


Often the one element to anime seasons that gets lost in the fray of reviews, impressions, and general fandom is the musical scores that we listen to every episode. While some we skip, others capture the feel of the show and end up being a weekly tradition of experiencing. Read more »

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Review


Seiji Kishi, director of Angel Beats and Danganronpa: The Animation, is back again for the CG anime adaptation of Arpeggio of Blue Steel. ¬†Subtitled as Ars Nova, many fans are already hoping to see more from this series. ¬†However does it shine from the crowd is what we’re here to analyze. Read more »