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Animecast: Winter 2014 Review Part 1


The Winter 2014 season has finally come to a close and with it comes a series of review episodes from the Animecast.  While this season has been relatively weak, there’s a few gems to be found and luckily we’re here to let you know which ones to look for. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Kobeni is left in a state of shock after witnessing Konoha requesting marriage from Hakuya.  While it’s not clear as to why should would assume that Hakuya would be interested, it still begins to raise questions as to what exactly Kobeni is thinking by continuing to drag the engagement on. Read more »

Episode 8 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Suetsugi Konoha continues to take the spotlight in this episode of Engaged to the Unidentified as she continues to question the Mitsumine family’s involvement with Benio’s family.  Jealousy and identities are at the forefront as well as continuous Benio humor. Read more »

Episode 7 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Suetsugi Konoha, Benio’s student council secretary, takes center stage in this episode of Engaged to the Unidentified. Her jealousy over the unwanted attention of Mashiro and Kobeni becomes quite obvious as she struggles to figure out how to steal Benio’s attention. Read more »

Episode 6 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


After a very stressful day of big reveals about the Mitsumine family, things are starting to get back to normal.  Well, as normal as can be said for the Yonomori household.  As Kobeni awakens, questions start flying as to just what exactly is entailed for the not-so-human siblings. Read more »

Episode 5 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


It’s the big reveal time for the Yonomori family.  Though some seem to take it a bit easier than others.  The secret behind the Mitsumine family is finally brought to light by a surprise visitor that seems to have a very loose tongue.  Puppy people?  Ninjas?  Shapeshifters?  Werewolves? Read more »

Animecast: Winter 2014 First Impressions Part 2


The Winter 2014 season of anime continues!  We still have a bunch to cover, so in this episode of the Animecast we cover 5 more titles from the ground up.  We tell you the good and bad, no holding back!  So if you’re looking to pick up one of the following titles, you may want to get some thoughts on them first.

Anime covered in this episode: D-Fragments, Engaged to the Unidentified, Recently My Sister is Unusual, Inari Konkon Koi Iroha, and Magical Warfare.

Our intro for this episode is the OP for Engaged to the Unidentified called “Tomadoi Recipe” by Mikakuning!  The outro is the ED for Magical Warfare called “Born to be” by nano.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Episode 4 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


After a lackluster episode 3 filled with repeated jokes and a sad state to the overall interest in the series, there was a lot of weight placed on episode 4 to pull it out of the trash bin.  To put it bluntly, it was in danger of a drop.  Thankfully, this episode managed to bring it up quite a few notches and give it potential for being a decent series altogether. Read more »

Cutest Characters: Winter 2014 Edition


Cute, adorable, downright lovable. Anime brings out the cutest characters that we just enjoy watching as they are put through so many different plotlines. The Winter 2014 season of anime is no different. From poverty-stricken youngsters, to magical girls, to shape-shifting deities. Here is a tribute to the cutest characters of Winter 2014! Read more »

Episode 3 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


It’s very common with anime that at about the 3 episode mark, you begin to really tell what a show is going to be about. It’s almost as if the cards are laid down and you’re left deciding if you wish to go further. Engaged to the Unidentified has done just that in episode 3, leaving me with a difficult decision. Read more »