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Episode 11 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


Even if the experience and new potentials seen the night before may seem like a step up for Shirou, the aftermath would see him severely crippled.  It seems the ability to manifest the swords that saved their lives has caused a lot of fatigue and numbness in his left side. Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Parasyte -the maxim-


The new method humans use to identifying parasytes is a clever tactic.  Although it’s nothing to take lightly when alone in a park.  As the parasytes begin to fear their future feeding upon humans, it seems they have a new tactic in mind. Read more »

Episode 11-13 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


Mushishi Zoku Shou (The Next Passage) returns for its second cour after a brief pause for the Summer season.  With its return comes a slew of new amazing tales that are sure to deliver something only Mushishi can. Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


Not only Tokyo, but seemingly the entire nation of Japan is thrown in a great state of terror as the looming threat of a nuclear explosion is imminent. As evacuations are under way, Shibazaki fights to discover Nine’s true intentions. Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Barakamon


In a huge twist of events, Handa has left the island.  Not only that, but he has apparently opted not to tell anyone, leaving the villagers quite perplexed.  After his work comes into question, can he really find the inspiration he once had while he’s in Tokyo? Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


It looked like celebrations for Tatsumi’s return were about to get interrupted. Trouble just doesn’t let up for our assassins as Dr Stylish manages to find the Night Raid base. Will his discovery lead to an immediate confrontation? Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


Death Gun has Kirito and Sinon on the run.  All that is left is to either hide, or fight back. As Kirito is determined to take him down, questions of just how Death Gun pulls off his murders come to light. Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


It seems despite the princess’s effort to stop the war, Saazbaum will do everything he can to exact his revenge and destroy Terran and Vers alike. As his castle descends on the United Earth HQ, will the princess still be an asset to the defense? Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


The Anteiku baristas are determined to rescue Kaneki. However, even self-sacrifice might be insufficient to retrieve him, as another war is imminent. With the CCG and ghouls closing in on each other, can Kaneki even be reached? Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


The big conclusion kicks off as the fight against Ikusaba continues.  While things look rather grim, it seems Tensai has a rather interesting strategy to put into play in order to save them from their predicament. Read more »