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Episode 9 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul


After last week’s bloodbath, it was time for self-reflection as both parties lick their wounds. Exploring where a few characters came from while anticipating the inevitable war to come, there isn’t much time for peace.  Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Things are really ramping up for the Treasure Hunting Club as the new arrival of Ikusaba Hiiyo threatens not only their ambitions for the treasures, but also their very lives.  His past with the original club is painted in a dark aura and with him on the field, things just got much more risky. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


A mother’s love transcends all adversity in any life. When a child is in danger, a mother will go at any length to protect them. In many cases, so far as to sacrifice their own life. This is a lesson Ginko will learn as he faces his recent mushi, the Chishio. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Black Bullet


As Satomi continues his efforts to create an adjuvant able to protect the citizens of Tokyo, the citizens finally become aware of the looming threat that now faces them. While peace is now destroyed, the Civil Servants have no time to waste. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: One Week Friends


Summer break is wrapping up, and with it the final rush to finish some last-minute homework for the group of friends in this story. While Kiryu and Fujimiya are obviously squared away, Hase and Yamagishi are almost a lost cause. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


After his technical breakthrough in the science of anti-gravity, Tatsuya pays a visit to the research facility that houses the great Taurus Silver.  However after arriving, we get some juicy details on Tatsuya’s back story and just who he is. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


As Uka remains locked up in the Heavenly Cave by Amaterasu in an effort to remedy Uka’s recent connection to Inari, Inari’s previous actions come back to bite her. As an angered friend of Minami pushes her to her limit, a catalyst is created that could cause a great tragedy. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


Things are heating up on Wizard Barristers as we finally get some insight into what exactly happened 6 years ago for Cecile and her mother. The case is revealed and the pawns in effect are making their move as Cecile’s life hangs in the balance to something that has been in the works for 6 years or even longer. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


Whether you’re a big corporation of retail products or a company bent on world domination, everyone needs a company vacation.  That’s the silly plot point of this episode of World Conquest Zvezda Plot.  And while very typical to have the usual hot springs episode shoveled in, it ended up being filled with some funny and even game changing effect on the story as a whole. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


Kobeni is left in a state of shock after witnessing Konoha requesting marriage from Hakuya.  While it’s not clear as to why should would assume that Hakuya would be interested, it still begins to raise questions as to what exactly Kobeni is thinking by continuing to drag the engagement on. Read more »