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Fairycast: Fairy Tail 76-95


People have been asking, and here’s your answer! The return of the Otaku Spirit Fairycast! In this seventh installment, we tackle the first large arc covering Edolas and the large amounts of interweaving back-plots it involves! Read more »

Fairycast: Fairy Tail 69-75


It’s time for some filler! After the battle with Oracion Seis, the Fairy Tail crew take a break (sort of) and welcome in their latest member. Suffice it to say, not everyone on the Fairycast team is excited about it. Read more »

Animecast: Gundam Just Got Moe!


New Chobits blu-ray box set, new Madoka Magica movie, Clannad sales, new releases, DMCA on piracy, and Gundam becoming appealing. All topics included in this exciting and fun episode of the Animecast. Plug in your ears and enjoy! Read more »

Fairycast: Fairy Tail 49-68


The Fairy Tail guild teams up with the Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Caitshelter to take on the Dark Guild Oracion Seis. It’s a very large arc this time around and plenty for us to discuss in this Fairycast episode. Including the arrival of… that guy.. Read more »

Fairycast: Fairy Tail 42-48


We hold a shorter Fairycast this time around as we tackle the brief battle within Fairy Tail and prepare for the large arc that awaits us. The Battle for Fairy Tail: emotions are high and opinions are varied. Read more »

Fairycast: Fairy Tail 30-41

As we see the conclusion of the Phantom Lord arc, we bring the spotlight upon a couple of key characters for the Fairy Tail Guild. Some big past reveals for many, as well as some consequential steps for their futures. Read more »

Animecast: Music of Fall 2015 Anime


Fall 2015 Anime Season is here, and with it, a slew of new tunes to hit our eardrums.  Thus comes the seasonal Animecast Music Spotlight episode where we find the best of the best, play them for you, and give some insight into their creators. Read more »

Fairycast: Fairy Tail 19-29


Leaving the Galuna Island behind and moving on into the Phantom Lord Arc, the Animecast dives deeper into the realms of Fairy Tail. Has it yet captured one host’s attention? And are we piecing together some odd and tragic patterns in this series? Read more »

Fairycast: Fairy Tail 1-18


We warned everyone, and here it is. Our first shounen specific podcast, namely Fairy Tail! Join us as we hit arc after arc and discuss the content of the show as we strive to catch Andrew up on the series. Will he like it? Can he stomach it? Read more »

Animecast: Heart Stolen By Anthem of the Heart


Some exciting news has hit our screens recently for anime, manga, and theaters that begs to be discussed. Thus, in comes the Animecast Discussional podcast. Following some exciting new ventures for our podcast, some news, and some idle chitchat, we dive into the community for some more crazy discussion. Read more »