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Animecast: Fall 2014 Review Part 2


The Fall 2014 Reviews continue as the Animecast takes on five more shows to discuss. Join us as we talk about zombie girls, magic harems, assassin maids, twin-tail fetishes, and alien husbands! Read more »

Animecast: Fall 2014 Mid-Season Review Part 1


The season has had time to pan out most of its shows, so it’s time to give everyone an update on our thoughts of the 2014 Fall anime line-up. The goods and bads of this season. Highlighting 5 shows for our first segment, we address everything from guys transforming into girls and cute aliens. Read more »

Episode 4 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


It’s not easy being a super hero, but it does serve a good purpose when people begin to imitate your obsessions. As Tailred gets more and more popular, so does twin-tails! Read more »

Episode 3 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


Twoearle’s hard work is finally ready to show off as the team take a tour of her new base created beneath Soji’s house. Equipped with some great technologies that will make Soji’s job easier. Even though the weight of his new task might be too much for him. Read more »

Animecast: Fall 2014 First Impressions


The dust has settled on the arrival of the Fall 2014 Anime Season, and it’s time for us to give our first thoughts on how they are shaping up. Join us for this epic run down of a good portion of the shows, while also running down a few rabbit holes. It’s a long journey, and we hope you enjoy! Read more »

Episode 2 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


What good is any super hero without a secret lair to hang out in when not out prowling for bad guys? Of course, a base is much more difficult to build than one would expect. It requires permission from mothers, and.. odd sound effects. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


The world is in great danger.  A secret organization threatens to remove the desires for the twin-tail hair style!  Who could possibly step up to save the world from this great tragedy but one who loves the twin-tail more than anyone else! Read more »