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Animecast: Top Anime of 2014


The votes are in and it’s time to announce the best anime of 2014! Join us as the two hosts list their favorite anime of each season, as well as their best overall shows, music, characters, and disappointments. Joining in the awards are picks from the OtakuSpirit community as well! Read more »

Five Anime in Fall 2014 You Shouldn’t Miss


We’re closing in on the half-way point of the Fall 2014 Anime Season and it’s shaping up to be quite an impressive one. Hosting many shows that range from romance, action, feel-good, and more.  Over 40 shows that not everyone can see all of. Read more »

Animecast: Spring 2014 Review Part 3


The OtakuSpirit Animecast is back for its third segment of Spring 2014 anime reviews and it is quite the show.  Not only are we covering a few note worthy shows but we also have a special guest from AAAPodcast, Mitsugi.  Before we jump into the reviews, Mitsugi kindly answers many questions we have about his experiences living in Japan and the culture of anime there. Read more »

Mushishi Zoku Shou Review


Back in 2006, I was captivated by the original anime series Mushishi for a number of reasons. Though mainly in its artistic approach, submerging presentation, and rich storytelling. So there’s no surprise that when I seen the next season of Mushishi, I jumped right in. Read more »

Episode 10 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


As Winter comes to a close in the world of Mushishi Zoku Shou, so does its Spring airing.  While the trip was a beautiful one, as the Spring season sprouts new life, so does prospects of its continuation. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


A mother’s love transcends all adversity in any life. When a child is in danger, a mother will go at any length to protect them. In many cases, so far as to sacrifice their own life. This is a lesson Ginko will learn as he faces his recent mushi, the Chishio. Read more »

Episode 8 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


Sail boats are often at the mercy of the wind that takes them, however Ginko soon discovers a man able to change even that logic.  Of course with the aid of mushi.  Though it’s this gift that may be his downfall. Read more »

Episode 7 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


Rain has always manage to not only represent clean slates but also signifying sorrow.  It creates a mood in storytelling of loss and character breakdown.  With the glorious return of Mushishi Zoku Shou after a week hiatus, we get an interesting telling of a girl who knows all to well the power of rain. Read more »

Episode 6 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


“It is said that ancient trees come to possess souls, and thus enthrall the hearts of men. Should the tree be beauteous in bloom, the effect is even more profound.” Thus is the foreshadowing of a truly tragic and twisted tail of beauty and foolishness. Read more »

Episode 4 Impressions: Mushishi Zoku Shou


Power is a curious thing. Often power provides a way to protect and aid others. Often it’s used for providing necessities. However sometime it’s used for one’s selfish desires. Corrupting to the point that one loses everything that makes them who they are. Ginko learns this first hand as he meets two brothers who are dealing with an interesting affliction. Read more »