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Animecast: When Interspecies Cry

It has been some time since the hosts have looked into the news of Anime. Nearly a month and a half! Listen in and get their catch-up of the news and their perspective on the happenings around the industry. Read more »

Shonen Anime and Manga Sale on Right Stuf!


Starting today, Right Stuf has listed a sale of epic proportions.  Epic in the form of Shonen titles ranging from 40% to as much as 90% off their standard price.  So if you’ve been putting off getting that Dragon Ball Z Movie, Fate/stay Collection, Attack on Titan, One Piece,  or even some Space Dandy, you’re in luck. Read more »

Animecast: Ratings, Booms, and Sword Art Online


The Animecast is back with another great discussional podcast fueled by some fantastic questions provided by our community.  Dropping shows based on animation, rating systems, and the possibility of a new anime boom.  Listen in and get our perspective on each of these topics.  Stay tuned to the second segment for some in-depth spoiler discussion on Sword Art Online Mother’s Rosario arc as well! Read more »