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Episode 4 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


It’s not easy being a super hero, but it does serve a good purpose when people begin to imitate your obsessions. As Tailred gets more and more popular, so does twin-tails! Read more »

Episode 3 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


Twoearle’s hard work is finally ready to show off as the team take a tour of her new base created beneath Soji’s house. Equipped with some great technologies that will make Soji’s job easier. Even though the weight of his new task might be too much for him. Read more »

Episode 2 Impressions: Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!


What good is any super hero without a secret lair to hang out in when not out prowling for bad guys? Of course, a base is much more difficult to build than one would expect. It requires permission from mothers, and.. odd sound effects. Read more »

Animecast: Fall 2014 Anime Preview


While we are all still enjoying the Summer season of anime, Fall is soon to be upon us. Even though the list of anime to be broadcasting is still tentative, we’re here to analyze the list to give you the lowdown on what’s in store for us! Read more »