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Animecast: Best Anime of 2016 Deliberations Part 1


The host of the Otaku Spirit Animecast return for yet another Best Anime of 2016 Deliberations podcast. Join them as they run through the year and pick their best seasonal, genre winners, characters, best of the best, and more.  This is a raw and nearly uncut recording of their deliberations. Read more »

Animecast: Singing Dokuro-chan to a Loli


Cooling down from some heated podcast topics, the hosts of the Animecast take a relaxing break with fun news and great questions from the community. Future projects, studio thoughts, violent angels, and other great topics! Read more »

Cutest Characters: Summer 2016 Edition


Summer 2016 Anime is on the air, and so are the next batch of characters to catch our attention. From the cute, the cuddly, the adorable, and even the waifu material, here is this season’s best! Read more »