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Animecast: Junjo Romantica


While not a huge fan of the yaoi genre, Junjo Romantic finds its way to the Otaku Spirit Animecast in the form of an unexpected review. Join the hosts as one attempts to unpack such an interesting title with ups and downs. Read more »

Animecast: Natsume’s Book of Friends


When it comes to heartbreaking and often heartwarming stories of man with spirit, look no further than the Natsume’s Book of Friends series. In this Animecast, the long awaited review of Seasons 1 through 4! Read more »

Animecast: The World God Only Knows


Taking the Harem and Dating Sim mechanic to a whole new level, The World God Only Knows pins a game otaku protagonist against 3D girls from his school in order to save the world. While the Animecast hosts have spoken on later seasons of this show before, they now tackle the series as a whole for a full blown review. Read more »