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Animecast: Junjo Romantica 2


The legacy of the Otaku Spirit Animecast host’s venture into the world of fujoshi continues as the cast dives into yet another season of Junjo Romantica. Does the second season improve on its previous, or take a fall? Listen and find out! Read more »

Animecast: Natsume’s Book of Friends


When it comes to heartbreaking and often heartwarming stories of man with spirit, look no further than the Natsume’s Book of Friends series. In this Animecast, the long awaited review of Seasons 1 through 4! Read more »

Animecast: The World God Only Knows


Taking the Harem and Dating Sim mechanic to a whole new level, The World God Only Knows pins a game otaku protagonist against 3D girls from his school in order to save the world. While the Animecast hosts have spoken on later seasons of this show before, they now tackle the series as a whole for a full blown review. Read more »

Animecast: Sailor Moon Crystal & Knights of Sidonia II


With the final conclusion of the Sailor Moon Crystal series and the airing of Knights of Sidonia Season 2, the hosts are here to dive into the two shows and give their impressions on how they panned out. Get your magical transformations and Gardes ready for the action! Read more »

Aldnoah Zero 2 Review


Season 1 of Aldnoah.Zero left everyone with quite a shocker of a conclusion. So much that it created quite a storm over the internet. Following up that season, director Ei Aoki brings us the second half of this bloody battle. But can it live up to the hype of its first? Read more »

Episode 14 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


After a few questions were answered in this season’s premier, it’s time for us to dive into the guts of what we can expect going forward.  As the new cards in play take their much-needed step forward. Read more »

Episode 13 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


The epic battle between Terran and Martian continues as Aldnoah.Zero returns!  The fate of many main contenders were unknown and it seems that the fight had come to some sort of conclusion.  However with new cards on the field, the war had only just begun. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Tokyo Ghoul √A


It’s back! Tokyo Ghoul had an amazing 2014, and the anime (despite certain liberties it took) was responsible for that. A follow-up made absolute sense, considering its huge success. But what really sparked my interest is that Sui Ishida, the mangaka, will be doing the writing for this new season. Deliberately deviating from the manga, he’ll be creating an alternate verse. A brilliant idea in my opinion. Let’s see if Ishida, in conjunction with Studio Pierrot, manages to take this winter season by storm! Read more »

Sword Art Online Season 2 Review


Sword Art Online was quite a hit when it released its first animated season back in 2012.  Creating hordes of fans craving more from this world with its interesting take on virtual reality meets reality.  With the arrival of the second season fans were able to rejoice, although it wasn’t all pretty. Read more »

Episode 16 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


Thankfully, with the absolutely boring information drop last episode, we can enjoy a much more entertaining episode this time around. Leaping right into the action and enjoying a sprinkle of light-hearted comedy. Read more »