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Animecast: Horror and Thriller in Anime


Anime can produce many different sets of emotions such as fear and suspense. In this episode of the Animecast, the hosts dive into the two genres that produce such emotions. Does Thriller and Horror work in anime? Listen and find out! Read more »

Animecast: Serial Experiments Lain


Serial Experiments Lain is easily one of the most popular classic anime titles of all time. Recently, we’ve revisited this classic in its Blu-ray form. Does the story still hold up? Does it deserve its title as a classic? We explore these concepts and more. After we give it a spoiler free review, we dive into some spoiler discussion after a proper warning. Read more »

Animecast: Top Anime Openings


Anime openings create a sort of mood that sets a series. While most of the time these introductions are plain and often generic, the best are often gems that recall memories when their songs are listened to. In this episode of the Animecast, we highlight our favorites and explain why we love them. We hope you enjoy the great music and memories. Read more »