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Animecast: Sailor Moon Crystal & Knights of Sidonia II


With the final conclusion of the Sailor Moon Crystal series and the airing of Knights of Sidonia Season 2, the hosts are here to dive into the two shows and give their impressions on how they panned out. Get your magical transformations and Gardes ready for the action! Read more »

Animecast: Nagi No Asukara, Non Non Biyori, Knights of Sidonia


We’ve been a bit busy recently with tackling some of our backlog.  Thanks to this effort, we have for our listeners a great installment of new reviews to bring you!  From the beauty of Nagi No Asukara, to the laughs of Non Non Biyori, and the expansive universe of Knights of Sidonia, give a listen and get our take on these titles! Read more »

Knights of Sidonia Season 1 Review

Mankind finds itself facing the threat of the alien species known as Gauna after nearly becoming extinct by its attack on Earth.  Many years following its temporary disappearance, a man finds himself inducted into the newly advanced race of mankind and thrown head first into fighting for its survival. Read more »