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Animecast: Love, Waifu & Other Delusions


Love is in the air, and so is the news. In this episode we hit up a load of news before diving into some listener questions. Rounding out the episode, we pay tribute to Valentine’s Day by attempting to spotlight romance in anime. Read more »

Animecast: Akame ga Kill, Mushishi II, Sword Art Online II


Fall 2014 seen the conclusion of several key series that we can’t ignore. Akame ga Kill, Mushishi The Second Passage, and Sword Art Online II. In this Animecast, we review these shows and give our in-depth analysis on why you should or shouldn’t watch them. Read more »

Sword Art Online Season 2 Review


Sword Art Online was quite a hit when it released its first animated season back in 2012.  Creating hordes of fans craving more from this world with its interesting take on virtual reality meets reality.  With the arrival of the second season fans were able to rejoice, although it wasn’t all pretty. Read more »

Episode 23 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


Asuna’s newfound spirit makes her not one to back down from something she’s passionate about. Struggling against her mother and bringing happiness to her new friend, she’ll stop at nothing to finally bring change to her life. Read more »

Animecast: Ratings, Booms, and Sword Art Online


The Animecast is back with another great discussional podcast fueled by some fantastic questions provided by our community.  Dropping shows based on animation, rating systems, and the possibility of a new anime boom.  Listen in and get our perspective on each of these topics.  Stay tuned to the second segment for some in-depth spoiler discussion on Sword Art Online Mother’s Rosario arc as well! Read more »

Episode 22 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


After such big celebration of overcoming a hurdle set before them, it seemed like Asuna and the Sleeping Knights would be inseparable. Though with Yuuki’s disappearance, Asuna is left with quite an emptiness that leads her to investigating why she left. Read more »

Episode 21 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


With Kirito covering their backs, it seems the Sleeping Knights will have their chance at victory yet.  Except the group of monster slaying players before them isn’t the only obstacle they face if they want their name on the Memorial wall. Read more »

Episode 20 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


Asuna has always taken the side line to Kirito’s spotlight hogging, but not anymore.  As the Sleeping Knights come to Asuna for an important task, she will soon have to draw her sword and take the front stage for the first time. Read more »

Episode 19 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


After a night of fun and studying, Asuna returns to reality to find her mother not so pleased by her messing around in the online world.  Talk of her future and discarding her past is in play and the conclusions are not what she will find appealing. Read more »

Episode 18 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


The details on the next update for the New Aincrad is out, and on top of everything, floors 21 to 30 have been unlocked. For a typical player it means more adventure to be had, but for Asuna, it means a return to home. Read more »