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Animecast: Anime Comedy


Anime got you rolling on the floor laughing or shedding tears of joy? Comedy remains one of the top most genre for anime and for a good reason. Writers love making us laugh. Join the hosts as they talk about comedy and anime, and some of their favorites over the years. Read more »

Animecast: Spring 2014 First Impressions


The Spring 2014 Anime Season line-up is upon us, and with it a slew of new titles for all of us anime fans to consume.  Though not all of them are worth your time and that’s where we come in.  In this episode of the Animecast we take an extensive look at our picks for the most promising shows of the season, followed by a brief look at some of the decent ones, then round it out with a comical rundown of the not so great.  It’s a crazy ride so join us and then leave us a comment to give your take on any listed shows. Read more »

Most Promising Anime of Winter 2014


Early season viewing is quite a hectic occasion. We scramble each day to catch the latest episodes of each show and craft our opinions for each. As we round the third week of airing, we’re starting to get a full grasp of each show and what will truly be worth our time. Sure some dropped off within minutes of their first episode, while others took a few episodes to realize, “This just isn’t going anywhere.” Read more »

First Impressions: Tonari no Seki-kun


Good shorts have this strange problem that when you watch them you want more.  However you know deep down that they would probably be terrible at full length.  Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time may be one of those cases where you want a full length show, however it’s just perfect as a short. Read more »