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Animecast: The Fanservice Conundrum


After going into full detail on what fanservice is and why it’s exists in anime, the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast return to the subject following some interesting developments in the recent seasons. Read more »

Animecast: Best Anime of 2015 Deliberations Part 5


Join the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast as they break down the 2015 year of anime and pick their favorite titles of genres, characters, and of course the best of the best.  This is a raw and nearly uncut recording of their deliberations. Read more »

Animecast: Don’t Moetify My Keys!


Come join the hosts in another interesting discussional podcast episode where they dive into the news of the week and questions from the community. The Winter Season, Frontwing, Crunchyroll, and more are on the hot seat for news and collecting blu-rays is one topic of many in play from the community! Read more »

Animecast: Winter 2015 Review Part 3

It’s time for part 3 of our Winter 2015 anime reviews!  A jam-packed episode with some big name 2 cour shows and some very unique titles that surprised us.  Tons of laughs, tons of interesting insight, and a few cases of disagreement. Read more »

Animecast: Music of Winter 2015 Anime

We’re knee-deep into the Winter 2015 season and have managed to get an earful of new musical tracks!  What better time than to run through a list of the Otaku Spirit favorites!  Hit the download, hit the volume, and listen in! Read more »

Five Odd Similarities in the Fall 2014 Anime Season


Each season of anime comes with similarities that can be good or bad. Common tropes and archetypes can please some while annoy others. Though there are a few similarities that manage to shock those with a good memory. Read more »

Episode 10 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


It seems that Yona is on the right track to finding her first of the four Dragon Blooded Warriors. However once inside the White Dragon town, fears arise as to if she’ll be seen as a fit king as no one is allowed to live once they find the village. Read more »

Episode 8 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


Yun and Ik-su have quite a background together. One that wasn’t so apparent to begin with. As Ik-su requests a big favor of Yona, these elements of their time together come into play as they struggle with their future. Read more »

Episode 6 Impressions: Yona of the Dawn


Yona’s new passion may be fiery and intimidating, but she’ll need a lot more than a new mind-frame to get herself and Hak out of their sticky situation. Though her new transformation is nothing to scoff at. Read more »

Five Anime in Fall 2014 You Shouldn’t Miss


We’re closing in on the half-way point of the Fall 2014 Anime Season and it’s shaping up to be quite an impressive one. Hosting many shows that range from romance, action, feel-good, and more.  Over 40 shows that not everyone can see all of. Read more »