Dream Eater Merry Review


Yumekui Merry, or Dream Eater Merry, is a hard one to judge. I was originally drawn to this anime for its character design, it just seemed fresh and different. What I got was quite an interesting show.  With a studio like J.C.Staff behind it, it’s no wonder the appeal.  I enjoyed it, but I have my disappointments. So let’s get into it.

dreameater2The story follows Yumeji, a young man with the ability to see the aura about people to predict their dreams. This ability was nothing more than a horoscope until his life changed dramatically for the worst. Turns out, there’s another world filled with dream demons. Some of these demons seek to enter the human world through friendship or force.

By friendship, some dream demons enter a human’s dreams and wish to experience a human’s path to their real dreams. By force,  they crush a human’s dream and making them a vessel. Yumeji meets a girl named Merry who seems to be a dream demon lost in the human world without her memory. Together, they fight against the dream demons that seek to crush the dreams of humans.

The anime had me hooked pretty quick. While it was rather slow in its story telling, the possibilities it created were endless. It had you realizing how fragile the humans were, how important their dreams were, and just how easily the dream demons could deceive and crush their human vessels. With that in mind, you were constantly rooting for the hero.

As the story progressed, it revealed a deeper side to the story in Merry seeking to return to the world the dream demons hail from. Also the original reason why she came to the human world. Then you had the over-arcing stories of their struggle. This anime seemed huge, but sadly it just hit a brick wall with its ending. It had so much potential, but it failed to deliver so many arcs and plot-lines. It sadly left me semi bitter even though I accepted the ending.

While Yumekui Merry is nothing special at face value, and quite uninspired at times, it has its moments of artistic value. The worlds it creates when acting in dreams sometimes are well designed and thought out. I especially enjoyed the design of Merry, besides her low hanging skirt. It was different and fun.

Outside of environments and the main cast, a real treat is in some of the dream demon designs. Engi, Chaser, and even the crazy Mystletainn are just well designed and give the anime some serious flavor.

I watched the Japanese voice acted version, so I can’t say much for the English dubbed version. When it comes to the Japanese version, I feel the characters were well done. Many of the characters managed to portray emotion that really did capture me in the more serious moments, sad moments, and silly moments. The music was great and I found the intro and outro to be one of the few anime OP/ED that I’d watch each episode.

While Yumekui Merry didn’t meet my own drawn expectations, it still hit the ball out of the park when it comes to a good anime. Truth be told, it had me hooked to the very end. I cheered for the characters, I hurt for the victims, and couldn’t wait to see the baddies get pummeled for what they did. I recommend this anime to anyone looking for a good story and something different. Just don’t draw too much on arcs and expect some things unsolved. Here’s to hoping for a Season 2.

VERDICT: 3.5 / 5


  • Unique setting and characters
  • Likable characters
  • Sad and tragic events
  • Great dream demon designs


  • Too many unanswered questions
  • Protagonist gets no conclusion
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