Cutest Characters: Winter 2014 Edition


Cute, adorable, downright lovable. Anime brings out the cutest characters that we just enjoy watching as they are put through so many different plotlines. The Winter 2014 season of anime is no different. From poverty-stricken youngsters, to magical girls, to shape-shifting deities. Here is a tribute to the cutest characters of Winter 2014!

ArielAlbusAriel Albus
The Pilot’s Love Song

While I don’t necessarily care for Ariel Albus from the current era, there’s no mistaking the absolute cuteness that is her at the young age of 9. In episode 4 of The Pilot’s Love Song, we got a flashback of Ariel and Kal-el’s first meeting. When her father first brought Kal-el home as an adopted son.

While most of the episode was covering Kal-el’s tragic past, Ariel still managed to steal some of the spotlight as she fought with accepting him.  Seeing her cute stubborn self, especially at the dinner table, landed her a spot in this cutest characters of Winter 2014 list!

Log Horizon

While she certainly didn’t make her debut in Winter 2014, she has definitely finally shined in this season as opposed to the last. Minori was always a cute character, struggling to survive in a newbie farming guild that was downright sad.  After being freed from her imprisonment, she sought out new experiences and a new band of party members during the Winter 2014 season of Log Horizon.

During this season, she struggled with molding this new party into a formation of perfection.  That’s when Minori became an incredible asset to the show.  With wisdom and strategy.  That all said, I have to admit that if it weren’t for that recent stepping up, she could have lost this position in the line-up to Serara.

YonomoriKobeniYonomori Kobeni
Engaged to the Unidentified

While this show is quickly becoming a possible drop for the season due to its lack of focus on decent plot elements, that doesn’t detour me from really enjoying Kobeni’s character design.  Vibrant colors and form makes for a very cute character that I want to love.

I guess it also helps that Kobeni is a well-rounded person in general.  Excelling at school, being very considerate of others to the point of selflessness.  Then there’s the fact that she’s an incredible cook.  What’s not to like?

e3konkon3Inari Fushimi
Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

Inari has struggled with some issues getting the attention of the boy she likes, even so far as wishing for a deity to grant her the appearance of another girl that she believes is pretty.  Which is troubling since Inari is absolutely adorable.  It’s a wonder why she would ever need the power to transform that was granted to her by Uka the deity.

This shape-shifting girl snags a rightful spot in the cutest characters of Winter 2014 by her own original self.  Bringing a cheerful and heartwarming presence to a great series.  It also helps that she’s joined by an adorable fox cub!

SatoneShichimiyaSatone Shichimiya
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

While admittedly this show is not on my watch list, mainly due to not seeing the previous seasons, clips of this character have me extremely tempted to catch up on this show. With her adorable nature, nose touching habits, and great character design; Satone Shichimiya is easily one of the cutest characters of Winter 2014.

That rounds up our list of the most cute, adorable, and downright lovable characters of the Winter 2014 season of anime.  If we missed a favorite by your standards, be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us why.  We’d love to know!  Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for episode impressions for most of the shows you see here!