Episode 3 Impressions: Engaged to the Unidentified


It’s very common with anime that at about the 3 episode mark, you begin to really tell what a show is going to be about. It’s almost as if the cards are laid down and you’re left deciding if you wish to go further. Engaged to the Unidentified has done just that in episode 3, leaving me with a difficult decision.

e3undefined1As I wrote in the episode 2 impressions, the show was becoming far less about Kobeni and Hakuya’s engagement and more about Benio and Mashiro. Benio being Kobeni’s little girl obsessed sister, and Mashiro being Hakuya’s little sister who is terrified of Benio.

Unfortunately, nothing much changes in episode 3. We get Benio obsessing over Mashiro and reminiscing about Kobeni’s childhood cuteness. Then on the flip side, we get more of Mashiro hating Benio’s obsessiveness. It’s a joke that is so far past its expiration that it’s a dead horse and getting old.

About the only redeeming value we got out of this episode was a brief exchange between Kobeni and Benio.  Throughout the second episode we got hints that something happened to both Hakuya and Kobeni during their childhood, but finally Benio revealed everything.  Kobeni had fallen down a cliff and Hakuya fell as well trying to catch her.  The event left the both injured but Hakuya was able to get Kobeni help.

Click to Watch The Dance!

Click to Watch The Dance!

Sadly outside of that 2 minute reveal, the episode itself was just more of the same jokes repeated over and over.  I’m sorry but there’s a lot of terribly overdone jokes here that just weren’t funny to begin with and still aren’t.  I’m going to give it a few more episodes to pick up, but as it stands now, it’s in danger of a drop.  Which is unfortunate due to my high hopes I had from the first episode.

About the only redeeming value we got out of Mashiro and Benio’s continued exchange was an out of nowhere silly dance performed by Mashiro after throwing a fit about Benio. She turns on the TV, and like a true child, she just breaks out in a mimicking dance to the television mascot. It was absolutely adorable and too funny. I could just imagine some kid just doing exactly that, it was perfect.

Episode 3: I can feel the love comedy waves



In Danger of a Drop


  • Couple good chuckles
  • Mashiro’s dance


  • Too much focus on the sister
  • Losing focus of the engagement
  • Killing jokes

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