Episode 3 Impressions: Noragami


The world of Noragami has definitely managed to continue to impress.  Succeeding so far in meshing deities, spirituality, death, subtle comedy, and some decent action.  While it’s not so much any particular element that makes Noragami great, but rather in how it brings its many elements together in great presentation.


In episode 2, during a bout with a large spider-like spirit, Yato made a pact for a new regalia named Yukine.  Which was the spirit of a young boy that met an early death.  In episode 3 we get a bit more insight into Yukine as well as how a regalia connects with a deity like Yato.

After failing to find Yukine some proper food, Yato manages to talk Hiyori Iki into taking them out for lunch.  It’s at this point that we discover that others can in fact see Yato and Yukine, but they lack the presence to be noticed.  That’s not all we learned about the deity and his regalia.  After Iki speaks to Yukine about his memory, Yukine becomes attracted to Iki.  This triggers a reaction in Yato who explains his mind and body connected to the regalia.

During their exchanges, Yato received a phone call request from the god of learning, Tenjin.  It’s at this point that we get a real perspective of a true deity and his flourishing shrine.  With more offerings than he knows what to do with, many regalia maidens, and more requests than he can fulfill.  This overflowing request lot leads him to ask Yato to help with a request to stop a spirit leading people into the path of a train.

Yato quickly refuses as he has a dislike for people willing to commit suicide.  We later learn, after Iki forces him to act, that people who commit suicide are unable to become regalia.  Iki realizes that the reason Yato completed the job, was because he didn’t want his regalia (of whom died prematurely beyond his control) to see someone throw away their life voluntarily.


Yet another powerful episode.  Not only did we learn so much about the deities and regalia, but we also got some nice insight into the mind of Yato and his regalia Yukine.  While Yato is a huge failure of a deity, his care for his regalia was touching and showed a side of him that really shines.  It makes me root for him more and more.  I really feel that the show has purposely given us a failure of a deity so that we appreciate his possibly uprising.  Even if it will probably not be in the way he so desires.

As I stated earlier, there’s a high amount of presentation in this show that I’m really enjoying.  Though it may not be top dollar animations, the package itself is excellent.  The musical scores and off the wall vocal music adds an element of excitement to situations.  Combining those moments with some really powerful plot elements makes for a great experience overall.  I’m excited for each episode and definitely recommend checking it out.

Episode 3: Bidden Calamity





  • Great musical scores
  • Plenty of plot feeding
  • More character development


  • Would like more progression in the main plot
  • The issues with Iki being drug out

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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