Episode 3 Impressions: The Pilot’s Love Song


The Pilot’s Love Song remains one of the more promising series this season.  Offering some decent action packed moments, a fairly heart warming love connection, as well as a very intriguing back story that begs to be uncovered.  As we step into the third episode, we get quite a look into the later of those elements.

e3pilot1In the present time, it becomes obvious that the chain of command is feeling quite a bit uneasy about the eventual arrival at the Holy Spring.  Even though the students have only been at the academy for less than a month, they are pushing to train formations and weapon use.

During training sessions, it’s obvious that Kal-el is rather green as he fails immediately to understand how to fight wind force when aiming his rifle.  Though after some support from his co-pilot Claire, he quickly starts to get the hang of it.

In later formation training, things don’t look as bright as tensions between Kal-el and the upperclassmen lead to some mid-air hazing.  This leads to Kal-el having to pilot through some thick clouds as well as an episode of anxiety attacks.  Thankfully for Kal-el’s sake, Claire once again provides the support he needs to trust his equipment and navigate safely out.  Though not out of the woods, as they realize they are now separated from the fleet and ultimately lost.

During the entirety of these training sequences, we get quite an in-depth look at Kal-el’s past.  During episode 2, it was revealed that he was indeed the heir to the throne to the previous rulers of Balsteros.  However in this episode, we get the entire picture.  It all started 6 years before during what is called the “Wind Revolution.”

The people moved by a rebellion rose and took down the former empire and turned it into a republic.  All led behind the scenes by Frontier Duke Ameriano.  Using the same weapons that were made to defend them, against them.  Though the secret weapon they held was indeed their trump card in the battle.  The daughter of Saint Aldista and priestess able to control wind.  Nina Viento.

e3pilot2Upon being overthrown, Kal-el’s father was executed, and later his mother as well.  Though thanks to his age, Kal-el was continuously spared the same fate.  While to the point of being mentally broken, he was rescued by a man that we know from the first episode to be his adopting father.  Speaking to a sympathizing warden, he suggest they fake his death and that he’d take Kal-el from his fate.  Saying only that he wishes to see Kal-el fly since his mother could not.

I have to admit, based on the early narration, it does seem as if the kingdom of Balsteros needed this revolution.  Though the cold faces he seen could have just been rebels.  It’s hard to tell since the story was told from the naive eyes of a child prince.  Either way, the ending results was truly heartbreaking to see unfold for an innocent child.  The only bright light at the end of this tunnel was in fact the adopting father rescuing him from such a dark period.

Overall a very dark and insightful episode.  So many questions are answered and now more than ever I’m interested to see what this means for Kal-el in the current time.  Is he indeed on the island to kill Nina Viento?  Or does he really seek to get away from it all and see the end of the sky?  I’m excited to see more and hope they can keep this up.  I’m slightly fearing they have laid down all their cards in this episode.

Episode 3: The Pilot’s Love Song





  • Great reveals so early
  • Interesting character development
  • Strong possibilities


  • They may have played all of their cards
  • Class warfare getting old

Impressions are based on a single episode and don’t necessarily reflect the series as a whole. Unless dropped, we will continue to give updates on thoughts and impressions of the series as time goes by.

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