Episode 3 Impressions: Wizard Barristers


Wizard Barristers continues to surprise as its writing and visuals get better with each episode.  Providing not only an engaging and entertaining show, but also a unique telling of the magic world in a way that only Witch Hunter Robin has managed to pull off.  In episode 3 we take a deeper look at one of Butterfly Law Office’s very own Mitsuhisa Hachiya as he takes on a case with the aid of Cecile Sudo.

e3barristers3During a flashback sequence, we catch a glimpse of a case Hachiya was a lead prosecutor in. Pinning a death sentence on a man named Namase Masato who was a stuntman that caused the death of a fellow worker. Masato claimed that he was forced to do it by his boss, as a part of an act. In the end, he was sentenced. Though his execution was brought to a halt by his emotions becoming enraged, halting the gavel’s usual power and throwing ice shards about the room. Hachiya saved Masato’s beloved Saotome Mayu, but in the end he died in a frozen tomb.

Flash forward, that very same Saotome Mayu is now in danger of the death penalty for killing an unidentified man. Her claim was that she was ‘blowing off steam’ and ended up killing him. She requests that Hachiya, the once prosecutor of her beloved, be her defendant. Almost in an act of stirring up old wounds.

On the side line, we find that another wizard law firm called Shark Knight Law Firm is seeking to recruit Cecile Sudo from the Butterfly Law Firm. Seems that even though they look down on having female staff, they have taken a liking to Cecile’s first case. They point out that Butterfly is looked down upon in the industry and that they would be willing to pay more, but Cecile turns them down.

We also learned that Mitsuhisa Hachiya became a wizard only 2 years ago. Up until then, he was a prosecutor against wizards, though after his ‘awakening’ he became a defender. Apparently in this world, most people awaken at puberty, so his case is very unique to the world.

The case continues as they discover the true identity of the victim, which ends up being the stuntman’s manager. This pins a motive on Hachiya’s client Mayu. Killing the man who forced her beloved to use magic in an act. As she’s taken to the final hearing, Mayu whispers something into Hachiya’s ear, to which he requests Cecile to stand down no matter what happens.

After putting into play a defense that proves no connection and a case of wizard discrimination, Mayu is sentenced to a life in prison instead of death. To which she responds with a mocking tone. Questioning the court’s integrity for murdering her beloved. Hachiya breaks her bindings, almost as if planned, and offers repentance to her with his life. However she had plans to take down the entire room of judges on top of Hachiya’s life.

e3barristers4Cecile awakens a new power that seems to respond from her hair pins and unleashes it to halt Mayu’s attack on Hachiya. While trying to stop Hachiya’s acceptance of death, Cecile pleads for her to stop. Though the exchange is brought short as a cop fires a shot through her heart.

As Mayu bleeds out, she mentions the possibility of a conspiracy against wuds (wizards). Speaking “Labone and Macal… Grimoire 365.” As the episode ends, we get a glimpse of the shady group that has been watching Cecile. They mention her awaken power as well as Grimoire 365.

All in all, a very engaging episode. I was truly hooked on the case they took on this time around and glad that the writing is getting really sharp. Not only do they manage to hit on the court room scene, but also make everything believable and true to the rules in play. I’m hoping at some point we will get an explanation for the judges gavel failing twice as well as the reason Namase Masato went berserk as neither was answered here.

About the only issues I had with the episode is this continued joke about the familiars being stupidly perverted. Sadly it seems to be the fill-in for fan service, but it’s already rather old. That and I hope we get no more toilet scenes as that was rather awkward. I’m also not enjoying the side rivalry created by Natsuna Hotaru. It just feels forced and jarring to the flow of the show.

Episode 3: Love and Hate



Gripping Case


  • Engaging case
  • Good character development
  • Solid action scenes


  • Pervy familiars getting old
  • Rivalry breaks pacing.

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